Unboxing // My Indie Polish 10 pc Mystery Box!

by - Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Hello lovelies, another exciting unboxing post to share with you today! My Indie Polish had a Labour Day sale a while ago where you could get a mystery box with 10 polishes for $50 plus shipping... If you know me you know I LOVE a good mystery box, so of course I had to pick it up!

One of the things I love about Tanya and her brand are that they always try to do what they can to make the customer happy. When it comes to mystery boxes, did you know that when they can they try to look at your past orders to make sure you don't get duplicates you already have? That's amazing! I've never heard of a brand going that above-and-beyond for their customers, and it is definitely appreciated. :)

On top of that the polishes are always fab, and I already have a few new favourites from this box! Check out what I got below, and let me know your favourites!

My Indie Polish Cargo

Cargo is a beautiful rusted red-brown shimmer that has a hint of blue and pink at the right angle - you can see a bit of it in the bottle shot above! Pictured below is three coats plus top coat.

My Indie Polish Cherry Beach

Cherry Beach was part of the Hello Toronto Collection that MIP released earlier this year - it's a lovely sheer orange that is packed with orange and iridescent glitter. Pictured below is three coats over white plus top coat.

My Indie Polish Goodnight Puppy

This is one I was really excited about! Goodnight Puppy was a Polish Pickup exclusive few months ago when the theme was 'Cocktails and Mocktails.' It's a bubblegum pink creme with iridescent glitter and some larger scattered holo hex glitter. Pictured below is three coats plus top coat.

My Indie Polish Liquid Chrome

Liquid Chrome is exactly what it sounds like - a metallic silver polish! It has amazing coverage, and I feel like this one will probably stamp really well too. :) Pictured below is two coats plus top coat.

My Indie Polish Nathan Phillips Skate

Nathan Phillips Skate is another polish from the Hello Toronto Collection, and it's an icy blue shimmer with different shapes and sizes of glitter. It definitely brings to mind skating on a cool, snowy night in downtown Toronto! Pictured below is three coats plus top coat.

My Indie Polish PRT523

So I also got a bunch of prototypes in my box and I am THRILLED with that! I love prototypes!! This lovely is named PRT523 and it's a pink shimmer with holo glitter, iridescent glitter and red glitter! LOVE! Pictured below is three coats plus top coat.

My Indie Polish PRT545

My second prototype is PRT545 which is a violet creme with just a hint of (linear?) holo glitter. The glitter is really subtle but still lovely. :) Pictured below is three coats plus top coat.

My Indie Polish PRT Thermal

THERMALS! PRT Thermal is the one I was most excited to see in my box. This is an awesomely lovely pale mint green when warm and light blue when cool. It transitions really easily and you can definitely expect to see this one used in nail art in the future! Pictured below is three coats plus top coat.

My Indie Polish The Beaches

The Beaches is another Hello Toronto Collection polish and it's so delicate! It's a baby blue creme with just enough scattered holo glitter to catch your eye. Pictured below is three coats plus top coat.

My Indie Polish The Matrix

The Matrix was a Magic 8 Box Exclusive (which was a past monthly LE box) and it's a black polish that has so much awesomeness going on. It has a strong green shimmer and green/gold/blue hex glitter! Fab! Pictured below is three coats plus top coat.

Tanya also kindly included some samples of their scented home and body care products which was a lovely addition!

I think there was great selection in this box and I would DEFINITELY pick another one up in the future! :) 

You can check out all the lovely polishes from My Indie Polish in their shop, but keep in mind a lot of the polishes I got in my box are discontinued or prototypes so you might not be able to pick them up! That being said there are still lots of other gorgeous polishes to check out from $7 to $14. They also have some mystery boxes available!

Let me know what you think! Thanks for visiting! xx 

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  1. What a great 10 piece mystery box this is! You got a nice variety of shades inside too.

  2. The Beaches is my favorite from the box!

  3. I have two of these polishes, Cherry Beach and Nathan Philips Skate, I love them! I also love Cargo and The Matrix a lot!

  4. I really like that purple prototype, and The Beaches!


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