ProcrastiNails: February 2017

So I am terrible at remembering to do seasonal looks at the right time. Case in point: this was the look I put together for Valentine's Day, but as I'm sure you realize today is NOT Valentine's Day. Haha. Oops? Better late than never! (I feel like I say that a lot.)

When I decided to put this look together I was sitting at my computer desk looking at the pile of polishes scattered around. I do my nails in my living room area but I always lug all the polishes I used into the bedroom so as I type up the post I can remember what everything is called. This results in a huge pile of polish just chillin on my desk that I clear out maybe once a month.

SO for this look I only used polish already on my desk and nothing else. I also started with no real plan so I'm glad what I ended up with was actually pretty good! Go me!