Swatch // China Glaze Be More Pacific for Alphabet Nails "B"

by - Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Swatch of the light neon green nail polish China Glaze Be More Pacific

It's not quite summer yet but that hasn't stopped me from starting to pull out the brights and neons! :) Today I'm sharing some quick swatches with you of a vibrant and bright green from the China Glaze 2014 Off Shore Collection - China Glaze Be More Pacific! This is also my fill for 'B' for the alphabet nails linkup. Check out more info below!

Swatch of China Glaze Be More Pacific

I haven't picked up many shades from the recent CG Spring/Summer collections but this one drew my eye and I'm happy I picked it up! It makes me think of honeydew and kiwi and apples and all sorts of other delicious and juicy summer fruits! (Or maybe I'm just hungry? Haha.)

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