ProcrastiNails: December 2014

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Did everyone have a good Christmas, those who celebrate? 🙂 I'm sure mine was lovely (though I can't speak to that now since I'm scheduling this post ahead of time before I leave to visit my parents and I haven't actually celebrated yet) and I'm sure any polish-related things I got you will hear about soon!

Today I'm doing a quick comparison between two metallic green Julep polishes. The funny thing about Julep is that when they release their monthly previews I look at the offerings and often say to myself: "But that looks just like x from last year! I don't need another polish that looks like that…" But surprise surprise when they actually arrive at my doorstep I often find that the polishes aren't actually that similar. (Whether that's due to mis-remembering the shade on my end or questionable official swatching on the part of Julep.) Julep Nancy and Julep Celia were two such polishes, and just for fun I decided to pull them together to compare.

So let's take a look!