Nail Art // The Digit-al Dozen Turns Five: Bouquets of Fimo Flowers

by - Friday, September 15, 2017

My last look for this month's DD week is my favourite! Fimo shapes are one of those things I have literally had for years and never used. Seriously: 5 years. I have had these for FIVE YEARS. And finally, I have found a way to use them that really works! :)

This lovely bouquet of flowers is the last way I am celebrating our birthday - check it out and let me know what you think!

I started off with an Indie Expo Canada 2017 exclusive polish - Alter Ego Generous Beauty. It's a LOVELY turquoise with sparkle and holo and it applied like a dream.

On top of that I freehanded some simple stems for my flowers to sit on, and then applied a layer of topcoat and randomly placed all my flowers. Super cute!!

I think that blue and white flower on my ring finger is one of my favourites from all of these. I was shocked how many variations of flowers I had in my collection, and made sure I used at least one of each of them to make lots of variety. Which bouquet do you like best?

Thanks for visiting!! Be sure to come back next week for some exciting posts, including swatches of some thermals from Color Club and an update on my nail school adventure!

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  1. Ha! So clever and it turned out neat!

  2. Fun bouquets of fimo flowers! :)

  3. Lovely idea. Femos look perfect. Base is adorable.

  4. Oh I love your middle finger best I think! This is so fun!

  5. Love this look too! What a great bouquet!!

  6. I realised I had some gift-shaped fimo pieces but couldn't think of a good way to use them. This is a fun look!


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