Nail Art // The Digit-al Dozen Does Black: The One Where I Glued Pom Poms to My Nails

by - Friday, February 17, 2017

I mean, the title says it all for this one. Haha. My inspiration dried up a bit and I said to myself: "Why the hell not! Let's glue some pom poms on!"

And you know what? I LOVE it! I remember when this was kind of a thing people were doing for kicks and I thought it was so dumb, but I actually would really love this look if it wasn't so damn impractical! Who would have guessed. :)

Okay, so let's break this down! I started off with a crisp white base of Essie White Page and then did a saran wrap marble with Sinful Colors Black on Black and Square Hue Oxford Street. When that was dry I smoothed down a layer of top coat and stuck on my pom poms.

I picked up a bag of pom poms at Dollarama and there are a billion left so there is a good chance you might see them used in more manis in the future. ;)

So I know these nails aren't for everyone but personally I like them a WHOLE LOT. Haha. They are fun and impractical and and exactly what I needed to jump-start my inspiration. :)

Check back tomorrow to see my last look for this month's DD theme! 

Thanks for visiting! xx

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  1. These are super fun with those pom poms. I really like the design on your nails too.

  2. I also really like the base but love that you glued pom poms on. How whimsical!

  3. Love this look, pom poms are not very practical but they look great with this base

  4. LOL that's funny and adorable! I don't think it would last long though.

  5. Ok first off I've been having dreams of doing a nail art look like your base here. Currently I have a slight obsession with neutral marble looking nails. I never would have thought to use pompoms but they look great and like you I would totally rock this look if it was practical.

  6. I love the addition of the pom poms!

  7. I love them but i have a question.Did you learn to make this technique in your online course (TAOND).???.i really want to take the course but i have no idea if it will works to start my own business as a nail technician.Thank you very much for your time to post your jobs!

    1. Hi! No, all of the nail art techniques I do were self-taught. :) TAOND is good for your base skills - it will teach you to do basic polish/gel/acrylic and safety and customer service procedures, but you will likely still have to do more creative learning on your own after too.

    2. Thank you so much Katherine, I love your work and I will try the school ;-)

  8. I love these so much! Completely impractical, but so fun!


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