Sunday, 30 June 2013

Swatch-It Sunday: Sally Hansen Sugar Coat in Sugar Fix

For a long time I have claimed pastel colours as my one true nail polish love. We all know this. But now? Now there is a new challenger that has forcibly shoved pastels out of that top spot. TEXTURED POLISH YOU GUYS OHMYGOSH. I am actually in love.

I know this is already an old thing for most of you, but I have resisted these polishes for so long... I bought OPI's Jinx when it came out but never bothered to use it because "ehhhhh, I don't really get the textured nail polish thing." But I came across Sally Hansen's Sugar Coat line at PharmaPlus the other day and grabbed a few to try. And now that I have actually tried them I have seen the light, and it is dangerous to my wallet.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Step into Summer: Pastel Skittles Mani

Know what I love? Pastel colours. They're so soft and happy and calm. And I can never resist the chance to use them when a nail art design strikes me. So when I decided to sit down and do the Skittle fill for the Step into Summer Challenge I thought: hells yeah I'm gonna use pastels! So after choosing some of my favourites (and doodling a fun geometric pattern to make it more interesting) this is what I ended up with. Love it? Love it.

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Swatch-It Sunday: China Glaze Fade into Hue

So this colour sits next to China Glaze's Electric Beat in my polish storage and when I first put it in there I had to do a double-take to make sure it wasn't the same polish! I did a quick search and it looks like lots of people have done comparison posts (here's one that's colour-accurate from The PolishAholic if you want to see) so I didn't bother. To be honest, they look like the warm and cool sisters of the same shade, and they're different enough that I don't mind keeping them both. Now my mind is full of ideas where I can use both in the same mani... So look forward to that in the future! :)

Friday, 21 June 2013

Step into Summer: Inspired by the Pool

It's officially summer! That means I have beaches and parties and barbecues and sun to look forward to! In celebration, I'm starting the Step into Summer Challenge for June and July that's being hosted by the Hobby Polish Bloggers group that I'm a member of. Exciting! Check out the Inlinkz list at the end of the post to see all the other great fills so far!

I like this challenge because you can do all or some or even just one of the prompts created by the group. They're also really general prompts, so there's lots you can do with them. I decided to start with "Inspired by the Pool," which I did by doing a saran wrap style mani with a few shades of blue.That's my pool water! I put a little bit of silver on at the end to imitate the sun bouncing off my nail pool, and then added a beach ball to finish it off and make it a bit more interesting. Simple, but cute!

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

My Julep Maven It Girl Starter Box (June 2013)! Alice, Paris and Mackenzie

So, I finally gave in. I am finally a Julep Maven. And you know what hooked me? Paris. That's the gorgeous hex glitter topcoat pictured in the middle above. It's so shiny and pretty! I went back and forth between "I'm gonna do it!" and "But the other colours look so booooring..." for over a month, and then finally decided what the hell. Let's do this. And now Paris is mine! And look how pretty it looks, oouuuuuu!

I subscribed for three months to start, with a referral from my friend Christina and the FREEBOX code (because I'm not going to say no to not paying for my first box, thankyouverymuch). Now I have a shiny referral code of my own, which you can check out in my sidebar. :)

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Swatch-It Sunday: Miss Selene 225 and 148

I got nailmail!! And it's from my parents! How unexpected! Hahah. Alright, so maybe not so unexpected - my parents went on a cruise through Eastern Europe earlier this month and said they'd keep an eye out for nail polish to get for me. And their package just came for me today! It woke me up actually, and I didn't have pants on when the delivery man got here so I had to scramble (story of my life - pants are overrated). So what did I get? 3 Miss Selene mini bottles from Serbia, and a bottle of Bourjois Paris microbeads from Hungary. I've never used either of these brands, so I decided to swatch some of the Miss Selene colours for Swatch-It Sunday this week. :) Overall, I'm pretty pleased with them.

Friday, 14 June 2013

31 Day Nail Art Challenge: Metallic Fan Brush Mani with China Glaze Magnetix

So I'm trying to make a dent in the two challenges I'm working on: the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge and my own 2013 Nail Art Challenge. After going back and forth between the next fill for each of those, I decided to do the metallic fill for the 31 Day Challenge first. .... But I severely miscalculated the amount of metallic polishes I own. By that I mean, aside from Maybelline's Bold Gold (which I use all the freaking time) there are very few. My solution? Use some of my magnetic polishes! They look metallic, and no one ever said that I have to do a magnetic design just because it's magnetic polish, right? Right! Add a technique I've wanted to try for a while (using a fan brush) and voila! My mani is complete.

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Swatch-It Sunday: China Glaze Life is Rosy

Last week I was digging around for a specific polish colour and couldn't find it anywhere. I looked in my polish cabinet, in the living room, in the bedroom... Nada. Then I remembered that I had a box of Random Stuff in the dinning room that had to be put away, and sure enough there was the polish I was looking for. Except, it wasn't just the one bottle. I found a bag full of 20 different polishes that I had completely forgotten about! Can you imagine?! It made me realize that I barely use the majority of the polishes I own, and that I need to make an effort to try and use more of them at least once. Argh.

In the interest of working my way through more of the polishes I own I'm introducing a new feature starting this week: Swatch-It Sunday! It's exactly what it sounds like: every Sunday I'll swatch a polish and post it with a tiny review. This week: China Glaze's Life is Rosy!

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

31 Day Nail Art Challenge: Black and White Mani with Rimmel Black Satin and OPI's Pirouette My Whistle

So, it's been a while! I'll admit, I hit a bit of a wall there for a bit because of stress and work... I noticed all my self-care was falling to the way-side, but when I spoke to my supervisor about it he really motivated and encouraged me back into a better frame of mind. So I'm back! I wonder, what do you guys do when you feel a block and don't even want to paint your nails anymore? Any tips for me?

I decided to ease back into the swing of things with a polish I love but haven't really been able to use much: OPI's Pirouette My Whistle. It's a gorgeous clear top coat with tiny silver glitter and small white hex glitter. I paired it with some large white hex's dug out of China Glaze's Whirled Away for some extra pop. (This is also my fill for Black and White on the 31 Day Challenge.) Final verdict: love!