Nail Art // The Digit-al Dozen Does Throwback Week: Recreating a 2013 Mani

by - Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Day 2 of our DD Throwback week! Today we're recreating a fun Fall look that I did back in 2013 using one of the lesser-loved polish types... Crackle!

When I first did this manicure I spoke about how under-appreciated crackle polishes are and how there are actually really creative ways to make use of them. I still feel that way! Which is why from all of the looks I had to choose from in 2013, I went with these pumpkins.

I really feel this design compliments how the polish breaks and crackles and it gives me hella cute little pumpkins! And it was super easy to recreate today, too!

I started off with naked nails since a big part of this look is the negative space. I painted on some half circles on each nail with Julep Cheyenne and when that was good and dry I quickly added some orange crackle with Julep Sabrina. Let the crackles come through and let the polish dry, add some glossy top coat and stick on your gems and you're good to go!

I think this might have also been cute with some little faces painted on the pumpkins... Hmm... Maybe something to come back to later this month. :)

Super seasonally appropriate, and super cute! Win-win! ;)

Make sure to come back tomorrow to see what I do from my 2014 looks!

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  1. I secretly like crackle for things like this! Love this mani! There are great ways to use them and you did it perfectly in this creative pumpkin mani! :)

  2. These are cute and I love the fact u used crackle!

  3. Aww these are adorable!! Also, I'm jealous of how great your bare nail looks! Mine have been a wreck lately /:

  4. Whoa such an awesome use of crackle! I actually love crackle, but I forget about them and they dry up very fast, so.. But now you have inspired me to do some crackle. Yessss

  5. Such a clever use of crackle polish!


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