ProcrastiNails: 2013 Nail Art Challenge: OPI’s Significant Other Color and Pink Gemstone Mani

The next challenge is to use a polish I hate. A polish I hate? No question: OPI’s Significant Other Color. Don’t be fooled by how nice this colour looks in the pictures… It’s not my least favourite polish because of the colour, but rather because of the amount of layers needed to be opaque. Grrr!!

When I bought this colour I was IN LOVE with how it looked in the bottle. It’s hard to tell from these pics, but the colour is actually lilac with a green tint in the right light. The colour, the iridescence, the sheen… what’s not to love?! The answer? How thin it is!

Here you can get an idea about how many coats are needed to build up to a solid colour (and also how it looks inside in artificial light).

To get the look I have for this mani, it actually took two coats of a base solid (in this case I used OPI’s Steady As She Rose) followed by two coats of Significant Other Color. If I had just used SOC it would have taken 4-5 coats to get rid of any visible nail line. Irritating! Once that was done I put on a topcoat and used a toothpick to stick the gems on before doing another layer of topcoat. Since I dislike this colour I didn’t feel like doing anything too fancy.

(L to R)
OPI’s Significant Other Color
Light pink gemstones fished out of a mixed bag (I don’t know the actual size but I’m gonna guess they’re 2mm, possibly 1.5mm)
OPI’s Steady As She Rose

So what do you think, is the amount of coats needed worth the colour you get in the end?

(Sorry if the pics look a bit dull — our dumb Canadian weather has been terrible recently and the sun seems to be hiding today.)