ProcrastiNails: Review + Tutorial // Using the Born Pretty Store Clear Squishy Stamper

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I looooove clear stampers. When they became a “thing” a while ago I was over the moon because I was terrible at lining up my images with a regular stamper. I now own not one but two clear stampers from Born Pretty Store, and I’m here to share one with you today along with a quick stamping tutorial!

Clear stamping heads are nice because they let you see the image before you decide to position it on the nail. This makes doing detailed nail art a breeze because it means if you want an identical image on each nail you can do that very easily. It used to be in my day that you had to line up or mark spots up along your nail edge or cuticle to make sure images were aligned, or take numerous attempts to make it look perfect. Now we have clear stampers! Nail bloggers sure do have it easy these days…. 😉 

Anyway! BPS has this listed as a marshmallow stamper but while I would say it’s definitely squishy I wouldn’t go as far as saying it’s a marshmallow stamper. To me marshmallow stampers are a lot softer and squishier than this. That being said this is still a fabulous stamper and is definitely nicer to use than my old BPS clear stamper (which was just hollow with an open end to let you see through).

This stamper comes with three parts: The actual stamper, a cover that clips on over the stamping head to keep it clean, and a clear scraper. Now let’s take a look at a quick tutorial about how to use it!