ProcrastiNails: Crackle-y Fall Pumpkins!


Today we have some quick shots of a mani I did last night for fall… Because November is fall, not winter! (I was shocked at how quick some of you jumped from Halloween to winter manis between last night and this morning!) Well, that’s not gonna be me. I still have a few looks using fall’s colour palette that I want to share. I’m hoping to hold off on winter/Christmas manis until Dec 1st. 🙂

This is the type of design I meant in my Julep Crackle Craze post when I talked about using crackle polishes in a different and creative way. See, they’re still useful for art even if the crackle trend is over fashion-wise! 😉 If I had done these for Halloween I could’ve put little faces on them and made them jack-o-lanterns. Maybe next year. 

As you can see, I’m back to nubbins. 🙁 I had a tear on the side and decided I didn’t want to fight with it, so off came the length. I’d been thinking of this design for a while and decided it would work best while my nails were short so that my pumpkins could be short and squat. And I love it!

This look started off with half circle-ish shapes for the pumpkin bases in OPI German-icure by OPI. I did two coats because you need a good base for the crackle effect to work on top, and when they were dry I carefully layered one thick-ish coat of Julep Sabrina. When that was dry I put on a layer of Seche Vite topcoat and then stuck on a square green gem for the stem.

I love the golds and oranges and reds of fall, and I feel like I haven’t really used them much yet this season. (Which could be because all the trees outside my window are still leafy and green.) I’ll need to get moving before the silvers and blues and green shades of winter come out!

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