Nail Art // The Digit-al Dozen Does Throwback Week: Recreating a 2012 Mani

by - Monday, October 09, 2017

This month the Digit-al Dozen is doing a Throwback Week! I've decided to do recreations of manicures I did during my first 5 years of blogging, one for each year. :) I'm starting in 2012 and this is actually a recreation of the VERY FIRST nail art look I shared on this blog! Whaaaat!

Check below for a look at the original mani from 2012, and then take a better look at my 2017 recreation!

So above is a look at my original mani. Though the photography could use some work, the design itself is nice! Simple, but the lines are crisp and the colours are really bold. :) You can check out the original post from December 2012 here if you'd like!

I tried to use the same polishes for this mani but since I actually couldn't find the original blue base I used another similar polish that I had in my collection from the same brand.

My base is Sally Hansen Tender Teal (which isn't teal at all!) and when that was dry I used some vinyls to section of my blocks and painted them in with the gloriously thick and glittery Sally Hansen Gem Crush Showgirl Chic.

Tomorrow we're heading on to a look from 2013. You can check out my posts from back then here if you want to try to guess which one I'm going to recreate! :)

Thanks for visiting! xx

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  1. Love these! They look so classy, oh and I love the last photo!

  2. Really simple but I like this manicure a lot.

  3. Awww, little procrastinail hands... :) This mani is classic and I am so glad you picked it to showcase!

  4. I forgot all about those SH Gem Crushes! Such cool polishes!

  5. Ohh, these are really pretty!! You made me want to go find my bottle of Showgirl Chic haha!

  6. I like the simplicity a lot, it's chic! Isn't it awesome to see how our photography skills keep improving?


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