Nail Art // The Digit-al Dozen Does Story Genres: Melancholic Tragedy

by - Thursday, August 17, 2017

Day three for our DD 'Story Genres' theme came to me much easier than yesterday's look did... As soon as I thought of doing something around tragedy the ideas just came flying in! And since my nails aren't currently stained (#nailbloggerproblems) I could do some negative space with the look, too!

I have been wanting to do a mani with the cuticle eyeballs for ages but never got around to it. But I knew it would be PERFECT to help represent tragedy for this mani! Once my base coat (Ceramic Glaze Pure, naturally) was applied to my ring finger I used a detailing brush and my polishes (Ceramic Glaze Little Black Dress and CND Vinylux Date Night).

For my negative space nails I applied some drip vinyls and then painted on CND Vinylux Date Night and peeled off my vinyls. I did this over naked nails instead of a base coat because I was lazy and didn't want to have to wait for a base coat to dry / deal with the vinyls peeling off my base.

I am super in love with how this turned out! If I realized how simple it was to draw this style of eyes I might have used them in my art more often. Definitely going to play around with this kind of look (especially as we get closer to Halloween).

Check out the other looks below and then let me know what you think of my day three look!

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  1. This looks great! I like the incorporation of the negative space too.

  2. Beautiful. I love the different designs and how they all tie together.


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