Throwback Thursday (Vol 16)

by - Thursday, August 03, 2017

It's been a while since we've had a throwback post around these parts! I love posts like this because they kick-start my inspiration by forcing me to look back and some of the most creative looks I've done in the past. Today we have a variety of nail art looks from 2016 to look back at!

March 4, 2016 

This is a super simple look but I still really liked it and I really like it now - I really should make more use of these circle glitters this year!

March 14, 2016 

Stamping marbles are the quickest way to create a fab look in my opinion. Drop on some polish, smoosh it down on the nail, and you're good to go!

March 28, 2016 

My nails are way too stained to pull off a negative space look like this right now, but when my nails are a nice healthy pink I love doing minimal tips designs like this. :)

March 30, 2016 

So until I looked at this mani again I TOTALLY forgot how much I love water spotting! You know what I'm doing tonight? A new water spotted mani!

April 1, 2016

I really felt these nails were special because my grandma used to do lace making before she passed away. I was pleased with how they turned out, even if she never got to see them. :)

April 2, 2016

These are literally the nails I am most proud of out of everything I've done. If I recall correctly they took me over three hours to do, and were made up mainly of smoosh stamping decals that I cut into all the various body parts. So much detail work but SO worth it!

Which is your favourite? :) Let me know!

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