Nail Art // Zig Zag Gradient with Born Pretty Store Stencils

by - Wednesday, August 09, 2017

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Hello loves! Today I'm looking at some new stencil guides from Born Pretty Store, this time ones that have a combination of zig zags and chevrons. :)

I decided to make stencils with them which was a bit of a pain but worked out in the end. Reminder for next time: when you sponge on multiple layers of a gradient over a stencil, you need to pain a coat of top coat over the whole thing before peeling back the guide or the whole thing will just come up and you will have to start again! Ugh! Haha.

For my zig zag gradients I started out laying down a couple of the guides on my nail mat, and then I sponged on Ceramic Glaze Pure and Ceramic Glaze Heavenly. The nice thing was that the decals were good for at least two uses (you might be able to get three if you are more careful than I am!) and the pull tabs on the corner make them really easy to pull up.

Since Heavenly is an iridescent polish I knew I wanted a base that would really show it off, so I decided to go with Ceramic Glaze Little Black Dress which turned Heavenly into a lovely purple!

For the accent nail I painted a coat of black and then attached a floral charm with some purple crystals to compliment the rest of the colours. :)

Unfortunately my favourite top coat (Essence Plumping Top Coat) seems to have been discontinued so I had to use a new one that didn't work very well, hence the bumps that you can still see across the nails after two coats of gloss. :( I'm trying out a bunch of new top coats in the coming weeks though, so hopefully I'll find one that will give me that perfectly smooth finish back soon!

These guides are currently on sale for $1.49, and when they aren't on sale you can get them at a discount with my code ASZW10 for 10% off.

Thanks for visiting! Let me know what you think! 

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  1. The manicure is lovely! Its great to hear that the stencils work well too.

  2. The little tabs look really handy 👍🏻 Love your soft gradient too!

  3. Love it!!!! I've done the SAME exact thing with stencils 😂

  4. This turned out really well! I love the charm that you added.


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