ProcrastiNails: Swatch // Butter London Wallis

Butter London Wallis swatch

Happy Saturday everyone! I’m coming down from the high of finishing my first week with The Digital Dozen, and to get us back into the regular swing of things for the rest of the month I have this lovely swatch to share with you today!

Last month I found a pile of Butter London polishes at Winners, and you know me… I can’t pass up a good find at Winners!! Today I’m swatching one of 6 (!!) shades that I picked up (lol). Check under the cut for more shots of this perfect fall shade, and then let me know what you think!

Butter London Wallis

This lovely is Butter London Wallis and it’s a lovely olive green metallic shimmer. It’s originally from Fall & Winter 2011 so I’m lucky to have stumbled across it as that means it’s not generally available anymore. You might remember it from a failed decal look I posted last month, haha..

Application was lovely and what you see here is three coats plus top coat, though if you use thicker coats than I did you could get away with just two. The first coat will be very sheer but don’t let that trick you! It builds up well. 🙂

Macro of Butter London Wallis shimmer polish
Deep olive green metallic shimmer nail polish

I love how the shimmer makes it appear slightly gold. The perfect hue for moving into fall colours, in my opinion. 🙂 I’ll definitely be pulling this out again later in the season.

Is this a shade you would wear, or would you have left it in the shop? Let me know! 

Thanks for visiting! xx