ProcrastiNails: Tutorial // Ghosty Emoji Halloween Nails with Color Club Nailmoji Neons

* Contains Press Samples

Halloween nail art tutorial with emoji ghost glitter

Hello hello! Today I’m sharing a look that I mentioned wanting to try back when I swatched the full Color Club Nailmoji Neons Collection. 🙂 I’ve used just the ghost emojis along with some of the coloured glitter to create a spooky (lol) Halloween gradient look. And just for fun I decided to do a tutorial as well, so you can rock these nails all October too!

What to know how to do it? Check under the cut for full tutorial and more pics!

Halloween nail art with emoji ghost glitter

So this is the look we’re going for… A rough gradient base that is scattered with seasonal glitter! I applied the glitter using the same technique I used in my popular precision glitter placement technique tutorial but I just used different tools to place the glitter.

Theoretically you could use ANY of the emoji shapes in these polishes… Use just the hearts and kisses for Valentine’s Day, use the smiley faces for a celebration, use the poo emojis for….. a doctor’s appointment? Hahah. The point is these polishes have a lot of different uses!