Tutorial // Ghosty Emoji Halloween Nails with Color Club Nailmoji Neons

by - Friday, October 07, 2016

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Halloween nail art tutorial with emoji ghost glitter

Hello hello! Today I'm sharing a look that I mentioned wanting to try back when I swatched the full Color Club Nailmoji Neons Collection. :) I've used just the ghost emojis along with some of the coloured glitter to create a spooky (lol) Halloween gradient look. And just for fun I decided to do a tutorial as well, so you can rock these nails all October too!

What to know how to do it? Check under the cut for full tutorial and more pics!

Halloween nail art with emoji ghost glitter

So this is the look we're going for... A rough gradient base that is scattered with seasonal glitter! I applied the glitter using the same technique I used in my popular precision glitter placement technique tutorial but I just used different tools to place the glitter.

Theoretically you could use ANY of the emoji shapes in these polishes... Use just the hearts and kisses for Valentine's Day, use the smiley faces for a celebration, use the poo emojis for..... a doctor's appointment? Hahah. The point is these polishes have a lot of different uses!


Halloween nail art tutorial with emoji ghost glitter

To get this look you're going to need a few things:
  • Color Club Nailmoji Neon polishes - I used SMH and Squad because I felt purple and orange were the most Halloween-y! 
  • A clean makeup sponge
  • A liquid latex barrier to make clean-up easier (optional - I get mine at a costume store) 
  • Your base gradient colours - I used Sinful Colors Black on Black and Snow Me White because I know they apply well and dry pretty fast 
  • Pointed tweezers 
  • A dotting tool

Once you've got all that we're ready to go! 


Step 1: Shape and clean up your nail and then apply a liquid latex barrier to make cleanup easier at the end.

Step 2: Paint one coat of your lightest gradient shade and let fully dry.

Step 3: Paint segments of your gradient colour onto the makeup sponge - because I wanted white on just the tip I made sure my black segment was larger so it would cover more nail. 

Step 4: Gently press your sponge onto the nail. Keep in mind the first layer of a gradient ALWAYS looks terrible. Haha. Don't worry!

Step 5: Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you've built up opacity in your gradient enough that it's fully covering the nail. Make sure to let each layer dry a bit before applying the next though, or you may just pick up the old polish on the sponge and make the whole thing look goopy. It's trial and error, some polishes work better than others.

When it's slightly dry apply a layer of top coat and it will smooth it all out and help blend it a little more. I forgot to photograph this step, oops!

Step 6: Paint some of the glitter from your bottles of the Color Club Nailmoji Neon polishes in your selected colours onto the makeup sponge. Also try to fish for some of the shaped glitters you want to use. It didn't take me long at all to find a handful of ghosts to fish out and apply to my sponge but you might have to do a little digging. :)

Step 7: While the polish is still wet on the sponge use a tool to pick up the ghosts. I like using pointed tweezers for this but you can experiment - toothpicks, dotting tools, whatever you think would work best for you. 

Step 8: Apply your cute little ghosts scattered across the nails!

Step 9: Use a tool to pick up the coloured hex glitter. I like using a dotting tool for this for some precision. Again, make sure the polish is still wet on the sponge or it will not pick up.

Step 10: Apply the glitter around the ghosts in a way that you like. :) 

Step 11: Pull off your liquid latex! 

Step 12: Clean up around your cuticles with acetone + a cleanup brush (not pictured in the materials).

Step 13: Apply a layer or two of top coat (also not pictured in the materials pic, oops) and you're good to go! Enjoy your spooky nails! ;)

Halloween nail art tutorial with Color Club Nailmoji Neons


Halloween nail art tutorial with emoji ghost glitter

I think these are the cutest and I'm definitely going to play around with more ways to use these emoji glitter in the future. :) I do wish my gradient were a bit more blended but let's just pretend I wanted it rough looking to make it more spooky, okay? It'll be our secret, shhh!!

Also I don't know if people still use these, but here's the tutorial collage if you want to save it or share it. :)

Halloween nail art tutorial with emoji ghost glitter

Can you think of other ways I should use the Nailmoji Neon polishes? Let me know!

Thanks for visiting! xx 

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