Nail Art // Jungle Plants with Butter London and Nicole Diary

by - Wednesday, September 07, 2016

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Happy Wednesday! Hope everyone is having a good week with gorgeous polish on their nails. :) I have a quick look to share with you today using some more Nicole Diary water decals. It's weird because I consider this a quasi-nail fail, but I still like it! Hmm. Check more pics under the cut and let me know if you think this look was a success or a fail, I just can't decide!

The decals I used today can be found here and are currently on sale for under a dollar, so if you want them grab them! :) For any order you make you can also use the code Ka2016 (put it in the order note) and they will include a little gift worth between $3-$5 with your order.

The top row is on a transparent background and the bottom is solid. I decided to try combining both for my mani, though I'm thinking it would have been better  to use a lighter base colour... Ah well!

I started with a base of Butter London Wallis and then applied my accent decal on my ring finger. On two other fingers I applied the transparent decals - they're kind of hard to see, but in these pictures they're on my pointer and pinky fingers. To finish it off I sealed it all with some glossy top coat.

You can see a wee bit of the design in the above picture... It's a shame that the base is so dark. :(

I'm kind of preoccupied with the fact that you can't see the decals very well on two of the nails, and I think that's why I consider this a quasi-fail. It's an interesting look, though!

What do you think, failed or nailed (it)? :)  

Thanks for visiting! xx  

You can check out Nicole Diary's store through AliExpress and check them out on instagram, too!

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  1. That nail decal really works in this green manicure here.

  2. Love the different green tones- so pretty! The gold-ish green with the darker base is really stunning! xo


  3. Wallis might not have been the best base for the decals, but it is a stunning polish!

  4. Definitely looks like a jungle, I love it!

  5. I like it, gives the polish some depth without being too obvious

  6. I actually love what you did on your index and pinkie!

  7. As soon as I saw the first picture I thought that has to be Wallis! It was the first BL polish I ever bought. Great design!

  8. Beautiful combination of polish and wraps. I just recently purchased some of these, but haven't used them yet. Now I itching to pull them out and create a mani.

  9. That combo is beautiful. I love using wraps in my mani's


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