ProcrastiNails: Born Pretty Store Black Stamping Polish Review and Nail Art

*Press Sample

I’m so into stamping right now you guys, oh my gosh. I have so many new plates but when I last sat down to do my nails I was shocked to find that I didn’t own any basic black stamping polish! Can you believe it?

Thankfully Born Pretty Store stepped in and sent me some to review, so now that I’ve given it a try I’m here to let you know how it went. (Spoiler alert – it went well!)

I decided to use the gold and shimmery Julep Goldie as my base and then used my new Born Pretty Store Black Stamping Polish and plate BP-28 to add this great design on top. I didn’t think at all about making the design consistent but it turns out the designs on my pointer and middle finger line up! Such luck! 🙂

Born Pretty Store didn’t send this particular stamping plate for review but I want to take a quick minute to talk about how much I love the plates they’ve been putting out recently. They have so many great designs and the plates all stamp really well and crisply – this one was no exception!

Overall I’m really happy with this polish, though if I had to make one constructive comment it would be for it to be a wee bit more opaque, though that might be the stamp and not the polish (I’ll have to experiment further). The polish also had a bit of a strong smell but not so much as to be distracting. It applied and scraped off the stamp really well.

If you’re interested in picking it up this polish is on sale right now for $4.24 for 6ml. Born Pretty Store sells a number of nail art accessories and tools and if you’re interested in picking up this polish (or anything else!) you can use my discount code for 10% off: ASZW10

What’s your favourite brand of stamping polish? Have you tried the ones from BPS yet?

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