ProcrastiNails: The 31 Day Challenge 2014 – Day 14: Bright and Childish Flowers

Hello hello! Today the theme of The 31 Day Challenge was Flowers, and I decided to go with something bright and bold and fun. I call these flowers childlike not to insult them, but because as a child I think I would’ve thought these candy-bright flowers were the BEST. I wanted something a bit different for the base so I did them over a some white colour blocking and negative space. Let’s take a closer look!

The base here is Julep Hope and when I laid it down I remembered how much I love white matte polish, so in that moment I decided the whole thing would have a layer of matte when it was done. The flowers are random variety of Julep Nellie, Essie Avenue Maintain and Julep Gloria. The matte I used was New York Color Matte Me Crazy.

This kind of reminds me of roses growing up a wall or trellis, now that I’m looking at it again. Let’s pretend that was my plan all along, okay? 😉

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Flowers are done, next up is going to be Delicate Print. For that fill I’m thinking… Stamping! Yes, definitely stamping. 🙂

Thanks for visiting!!