ProcrastiNails: Throwback Thursday (Vol 3)

Hello hello! I have some more flashbacks to share with you from February 2014 today. Some of them are Valentines looks so we’re going to break convention and look at holiday themed looks AFTER the holiday has passed. Ouuu, what rebels we are, right? Haha.

Let’s get into it!

February 11, 2014

This was a look I put together for the Week of Love Challenge last year, which was Challenge Your Nail Art’s Feb challenge. This was one of my first experiences with flocking powder and it went… Not completely terribly? Haha. I feel like the lips look like they’re in jail!

February 12, 2014

The lobster hands are starting to disappear a bit, woo hoo! I remember doing this fill fairly last minute and being really happy with how it turned out, considering it was a rush. The base is Julep Love and looking at this picture reminds me how much I love that polish!

February 14, 2014 

I thought I was so punny with this title. The base is Revlon Valentine – totally perfect polish name for the season, right? 🙂 I layered it with some China Glaze Ruby Pumps to create the perfect sparkly red.

February 21, 2014

My local beauty store released the OPI Sheer Tints a bit early and I remember seeing them at the shop, going to work, looking them up, and then freaking out when I realized there weren’t any/many reviews up for them yet. I literally ran back to the store on my break to grab all of them so I could swatch them that night. HOWEVER I also happened to be heading out of country early the next morning and that plus a bit of a fight with application meant I didn’t have time to get something properly together. This quick look (if you can even call it that – it was more of a test run) was all I could get up at the time but that was better than nothing!

February 23, 2014

This was my first Hard Candy swatch! I love their glitter crelly polishes, even if most of them are just dupes of other more expensive options. The colour and application of Sweet Tooth was perfect and led to me getting a LOT more Hard Candy polishes, though I realize now I haven’t used many of them! I really need to work on that untrieds pile this year!

What do you think of the throwback looks for this week? Does one jump out to you more than the others?

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