ProcrastiNails: Week of Love: Kiss Me With Your Fuzzy Lips!

Except I hope no one actually has fuzzy lips! Flocking powder in that area would be really annoying! Hahah. Today I bring you my second fill for the Week of Love: Kisses! I was sitting around with absolutely no idea what to do for today’s theme, and then I decided: neon pink! and flocking powder! and this mani was born. It’s a bit outrageous for my tastes, but it was fun to do!

As you can see my nails broke between doing the first fill and this one, so I had to decide if I wanted to stop doing my nails for a bit or if I wanted to say “screw it!” and just keep going. As you can see I went with the second option! Nubs can be cute and I don’t mind rocking a different length for a while. 🙂 Also: please don’t mind the weird glowing pink disease my skin has taken on in these pictures… I had to adjust the colours a bit for the pink to come out right, and there were casualties!

So I’m not even going to pretend these aren’t the tackiest nails I’ve done in a while. lol! I couldn’t get the basecoat of the lips to go opaque before I added flocking powder (because the shade I used was very sheer) so we’re left with the impression the lips were behind bars. Maybe I should have pretended that was intentional and named this something like “Don’t Criminalise My Kisses”? 😉

The base for this mani was Sinful Colors Snow Me White, and I did the striping with black acrylic paint. The lips and accent finger were a first done with Sinful Colors Boom Boom and then covered with a coat of hot pink flocking powder. This was actually my first time using flocking powder (which is funny because it was one of the first nail art items I bought!) and it was easier than I thought it would be. Now to clean up all the leftover flocking that got everywhere…!

Three more days left in this challenge! Up tomorrow: Roses! Let’s see what I can do with that as inspiration. 🙂

Also, check out the other lovely designs that have been created!! Everyone worked super hard, so leave them some love. 🙂

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