Holo Halloween Lightning Lines

by - Thursday, October 16, 2014

BOO! It's getting closer to Halloween! :) I'm so excited to be able to start pulling out Halloween nail looks, I have a TON of decals that I'm hoping to use in the coming weeks. I'm starting out simple with a look using some sparkle some holo and some vinyls. Let's get into it!

This look started off with two coats of Color Club Beyond which is a gorgeous black linear holo. I then used some lightning bolt nail vinyls to section off pieces to fill in with Julep Tatiana, and then I outlined the point of separation with my Color Club White Striper. To finish it off I sponged a bit of Zoya Maria Luisa (a gold flakie top coat) on top of Tatiana (which is more visible in the non-LED pics below).

And here's a shot of my nails with my normal daylight bulbs instead of the LED. You can get a better look at how Tatiana and Maria Luisa look here I think, and the base actually looks black instead of the (gorgeous) riot of holo goodness it is in the previous pics.

It blows my mind that these almost look like two completely different manicures. It's amazing what a difference in light can do. :)

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  1. This is nice. The holo looks great with the gold you paired here.

  2. They DO look so different in different light! I really like both, I love how you paired the two pretties!

  3. Holy smokes this is so neat! Love your design and color pairing!

  4. Yes! I love playing with different light settings. Sometimes when I take my pictures in different lightening colors look completely different. It is so funny. It can also be frustrating to find the perfect lighting for those crazy holo or glow in the dark polishes!! Love this though, great job!!

  5. Wow, this nail art is gorgeous!! I love the contrasting colors!

  6. I thought you mattified the last photo's but it's just the light!! Wow what a difference. Love your blog, love your nail art!


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