ProcrastiNails: Week of Love: Special DeLOVEry

Get it? Delivery? DeLOVEry? Because the doves are delivering love letters? It’s funny. Right?! Hahah… Ahh man. Okay! Today we have my last fill for the Week of Love Valentine’s Nail Art Challenge! The last theme for the week was freestyle so I was free to do whatever type of look I wanted. I actually had a hard time deciding what to do, but when I was shopping today I found a Revlon shade called Valentine and I thought to myself: “Meant to be! I have to use this!” I added some glitter and some stamping and voila! 🙂

Revlon Valentine is a deep candy apple red, and I started off with two coats of this on all my nails. I stamped over it with my trusty Maybelline Color Show Bold Gold and Cheeky plate CH53, and then added a coat of China Glaze Ruby Pumps to the other nails. (Ruby Pumps was another of my treasures from today’s shopping trip, I was actually looking for it for a friend but when I finally found it there were two bottles so one came home for me too!)

I love how this whole thing looks in real life, because in bright light it shows up like the cheery cherry red you see here, but when the lighting is down it looks like a deep blood red. Gorgeous!

I’ve wanted to use this stamp design forever, though it was actually my second choice. I started out planning to use a different image from the same plate with love-related words all over it, but because of the size of my nails all of the words were cut off so you couldn’t really read any of them. :/ So that idea got trashed. Ah well, I like this one even better! It’s a great note to end this challenge on.

And here’s a recap of all the other themes we’ve had this week:

I hope you enjoyed my Valentine’s looks this week! I really like taking part in group nail art challenges… Next up: Saint Patrick’s Day! 😀

Thanks for visiting!! xoxo

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