ProcrastiNails: Embrace Your Geekness: Angry Birds Nails!

Also known as: I have angry bird nail stickers and I don’t know when else I will get a chance to use them. The theme for day 2 of the Embrace Your Geekness Nail Art Challenge was video games. An app is kind of like a video game, right? In reality I would’ve liked to do Final Fantasy nails for this challenge, but because I couldn’t think of anything that fit (though I did debate Cactuar nails for a hot second) I went with convenience. I got these in a 99c Born Pretty Store Mystery Lucky Bag and though they’ve faded a bit since I bought them they went on really easily. 🙂 Check under the cut for more pics and info!

I did a basic grass/sky gradient for the base with Essie Find Me An Oasis and Sinful Colors Innocent, and then I threw on a layer of China Glaze Fairy Dust because the decals themselves were also sparkly (and also because why not!). Shiny, sparkly angry birds. Lots of adjectives for these nails!

Here’s a look at the rest of the themes for this challenge:

Thanks for visiting! See you tomorrow for some superheroes! 🙂