Black with Gold Floating Squares Nail Fail

by - Wednesday, December 02, 2015

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Oh man, you guys. This is a design that seemed at first like a good idea but then failed when it came to the execution. I tried to get away from pastels and rainbows and this is what I got. :/ Ah well. Every failure is a chance to learn, and I've already decided how I'm going to give this look a second take! Check under the cut to hear more about it.

I used OPI Queen of the Road and some square stencils from Born Pretty Store on top of my base (OPI 50 Years of Style with Essie Leggy Legend dry brushed on top) to create this sort of floating pyramids look, but it's really not working for me. Bummer!

I think I'm going to try again with some softer colours and some sheer tinted polishes instead. I think that could be lovely...

Can you think of some ways I could improve upon this design and recreate the look? If so I'd love to hear them! 

Thanks for visiting! xx

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  1. I really like this look. Gold and black is one of my favorite nail color combinations! Great post :)

  2. Nice gold and the floating black squares are interesting.

  3. I think it looks nice! A lot better than I would have done!

  4. I really like it, and I'm in love with your base!

  5. I really like this look!! The floating squares was a cool idea!

  6. I wouldnt say it's a fail, I really find it great, but that might be one if this do not look like what you initialy wanted, but that's still very pretty

  7. I super like it!! I'm so sorry you're disappointed with it - I definitely understand the frustration of the end result not being what YOU wanted. But, this is very lovely!

  8. I really like the added brush strokes on top. Excellent use of that color for added depth.

  9. This is not a fail at all! Perhaps if you were to mattify the base and then have the squares glossy? Perhaps with stencils that are easier to use so you get perfectly straight edges? Anyway, I love this, I don't think it's a nail fail.


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