ProcrastiNails: My Julep Maven It Girl Starter Box (June 2013)! Alice, Paris and Mackenzie

So, I finally gave in. I am finally a Julep Maven. And you know what hooked me? Paris. That’s the gorgeous hex glitter topcoat pictured in the middle above. It’s so shiny and pretty! I went back and forth between “I’m gonna do it!” and “But the other colours look so booooring…” for over a month, and then finally decided what the hell. Let’s do this. And now Paris is mine! And look how pretty it looks, oouuuuuu!

I subscribed for three months to start, with a referral from my friend Christina and the FREEBOX code (because I’m not going to say no to not paying for my first box, thankyouverymuch). Now I have a shiny referral code of my own, which you can check out in my sidebar. 🙂

So this is what I saw when I opened my box…

Like I said, I started this program because I decided I NEEDED to have Paris in my collection… That means the starter box I got was the It Girl starter box which apparently means I’m “A fashion risk-taker who sets trends and turns heads, you believe style rules were made to be broken.” Who knew! lol

Underneath the welcome card was a nail file (perfect timing, I’ve already put it to use!) and a single pack of Julep’s one-step polish remover pads. I’m curious to see how well their pads work, since my previous favourite pads are no longer being carried at my local PharmaPlus. 🙁

And here’s the colours I got!

Alice is described as an antique lilac shimmer, and it went on like a dream. It was good after two coats, but I did three just to be safe.

Mackenzie is described on the site as a sour green apple frost, and that’s a perfect description for it! The vibrancy really comes through in these pictures, which I’m pleased to see. I’m not a fan of greens (I only own two true greens, one bought every year on Saint Patrick’s Day on my way to parties when I realize my nails should be green – and I hate both of them), but I don’t mind this one. Success!

After giving it more thought than it needed, I decided to layer Paris over Mackenzie (rather than Alice) as accent nails. I was hoping it would draw out some of the colour if I layered it over a contrasting colour. I want to do another swatch-fest with Paris later, because it was really hard for me to find good pics of it over black and white polish before I bought it.

Paris is described as a multidimensional holographic glitter topcoat, but it’s so much more than that! It’s hard to see, but it’s actually made up of tiny and and larger holo hex glitters in gold, silver, light purple and rose pink. Gorgeous!! I know that it’s hard to make them out in these pictures, but that’s what came through when I swiped some over white paper to examine. Ahhhh! I love Paris!

Also, I’m trying to find a new watermark that I like. Thoughts on this one?

Thanks for visiting! xx 

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