ProcrastiNails: What’s in a Born Pretty Store Lucky Bag? Let’s see!

I ordered some new phone cases from Born Pretty Store the other day, and in the checkout they had a “Lucky Bag” on sale for $0.99 that claimed to have 3 nail art items worth up to $6 total in it. It was so cheap, how could I not! And who doesn’t love a good surprise!

I think I got a crazy good deal now that I’ve seen what was in the bag (from looking at the photos on the product page it looks like the contents change a lot and the other hauls didn’t look nearly as fun as this one), so I decided to share it with you. If I had to give this bag a theme I think it would be ‘girly and fun.’ It’s got lots of shine, pink and entertaining accent pieces!

Maybe the next time you put an order in you’ll decide to pick one up too, after this! 😉

Angry Bird nail stickers! I’m not a huge fan of these, but I’m sure I’ll find a use for them. If nothing else they’ll be good for kids manis (and the stickers are tiny enough to fit on tiny nails!). There’s some bows and strawberries scattered with the images, so I’m sure I’ll at least get some use out of those. A quick google search tells me these are a common find in the lucky bags.

Gems are always a good fit for nail art in my books! Bling bling! Haha. These are fairly tiny gems in bold pink, and they have the edges you would see on a gem stone etched on the side. Most of the gems I have are round or pearls, so this will add some diversity. 🙂

HELLO KITTY! Who doesn’t love Hello Kitty things?! I’ve been meaning to pick up a Hello Kitty stamping image for ages now, but now I’ll be able to make do with these (for the time being, at least). These are pretty large, one will fit just right on any of my nails (except my pinky – it’s too big for my pinky) as an accent.

(UPDATE: Christina tells me these are Monster High wraps, and they are now on their way to a new home with her!) Full-coverage nail wraps aren’t really my thing… My nails are too curved to have the images sit comfortably without folding in the edges, and I can never file the end off cleanly. 🙁 These ones are also pretty tiny, and I don’t think there would be enough of the larger sizes on here to cover all my nails. I’ll still give them a try, but I don’t hold out much hope.

If you can make it out, these actually have tiny pink skulls with bows on them… Kind of reminds me of the nails I did with similar stamps!

And another set of full-nail wraps! These are actually pretty interesting since they’re reflective enough to actually show your (blurry) reflection. They’re also large enough to fit adults (unlike the pink and black ones above). I’m pretty sure it’s still going to bunch up on the sides of my curvy nails but I’ll give them a try!

Even if we estimate each of these items is worth $1, five items still makes that about $5 of value! I think the Hello Kitty heads or gems on their own would make this bag worth it for me. That being said, it’s nice to get a mixture of products that you wouldn’t normally buy on their own (or at least I wouldn’t), especially for the price.

Now that you’ve seen what’s in one of these bags do you think you’d be more interested in picking one up the next time you’re visiting Born Pretty Store? Do you have a favourite item from my mini haul? Let me know! 🙂

And remember: if you’re shopping on the Born Pretty site you can use my discount code (NRPX31) for 10% off!

Thanks for visiting!! xx

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