Dry Brush Nail Art with the Essie Silk Watercolours

by - Thursday, July 09, 2015

Dry brush nail art with Essie Muse, Myself, Pen & Inky and Highest Bidder

Hello nubbins, my old friends... That's right, my nails broke again. :( It probably has to do with stress and not taking care of them properly. But today I decided: "Nub nails aren't enough to keep me from blogging!" So here I am!

Last week I picked up the new Essie Silk Watercolors, which are Essie's version of the super pigmented jellies that everyone is doing these days. I didn't want to do complete swatches when my nails are nubs so I decided to play around with them for some art instead. I'm sure you don't mind! ;)

Check under the cut for a better look and a run-down of the polishes I used today!

Macro picture of dry brush nail art with the Essie Silk Watercolors

I started with a base of Essie Blanc - the Silk Watercolors line came with it's own base but it just looked like another plain white so I passed on picking it up. I haven't looked into it though, so if it's not just a plain white someone should let me know! Haha.

Once my base was dry I did a quick and simple dry brush look using three of the Silk Watercolors - Muse, Myself (a yellow), Pen & Inky (a deep turquoise) and Highest Bidder (which looked like a deep maroon but came out as a pastel pink)! There is a true pink in the collection (Love Sheen) so I'm curious to see how that will compare!

I finished it off with some studs from Born Pretty Store (if you want to pick up something similar you can use my code ASZW10 for 10% off) to add a bit of an extra something-something.

Dry brush nails with Born Pretty Store studs and the Essie Silk Watercolor Collection

I love a good dry brush look and the Silk Watercolors are perfect for the technique. They leave a wash of colour that seems a bit more sheer than the OPI Color Paints (which is awesome because it means I won't regret buying both collections!).

Have you tried out the Essie Silk Watercolors yet? Do you love using sheer and jelly polishes in dry brush nail art as much as I do? :)

Thanks for visiting!

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  1. So dreamy looking! The added studs look great.

  2. I love this mani! So cool

  3. Your nubs are freaking adorable! Definitely glad you decided to blog with them. Love the mani.

    1. Awwww thank you so much!! I'm always so self-conscious blogging with nubs so that's really helpful to hear. :) :)

  4. Replies
    1. Me too, super happy I added them! The hint of purple works perfect! :)

  5. Your dry brush nails look awesome!

  6. These are so pretty!! I love the colors!

  7. I love brushstroke manis but I haven't used any sheer polishes for one yet, something I need to remedy. I love the look you did, the studs set it over the top.

  8. Beautiful work, and studs complement it nicely, I was thinking to get either OPi or Essie, which one did you like more?

  9. I love these pastel colours! Gotta check this collection, I completely missed its release to be honest.

  10. I am waiting on the two mini sets of these to show up!

  11. Love that you added the studs! So pretty!


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