ProcrastiNails: Dry Brush Nail Art with the Essie Silk Watercolours

Dry brush nail art with Essie Muse, Myself, Pen & Inky and Highest Bidder

Hello nubbins, my old friends… That’s right, my nails broke again. 🙁 It probably has to do with stress and not taking care of them properly. But today I decided: “Nub nails aren’t enough to keep me from blogging!” So here I am!

Last week I picked up the new Essie Silk Watercolors, which are Essie’s version of the super pigmented jellies that everyone is doing these days. I didn’t want to do complete swatches when my nails are nubs so I decided to play around with them for some art instead. I’m sure you don’t mind! 😉

Check under the cut for a better look and a run-down of the polishes I used today!

Macro picture of dry brush nail art with the Essie Silk Watercolors

I started with a base of Essie Blanc – the Silk Watercolors line came with it’s own base but it just looked like another plain white so I passed on picking it up. I haven’t looked into it though, so if it’s not just a plain white someone should let me know! Haha.

Once my base was dry I did a quick and simple dry brush look using three of the Silk Watercolors – Muse, Myself (a yellow), Pen & Inky (a deep turquoise) and Highest Bidder (which looked like a deep maroon but came out as a pastel pink)! There is a true pink in the collection (Love Sheen) so I’m curious to see how that will compare!

I finished it off with some studs from Born Pretty Store (if you want to pick up something similar you can use my code ASZW10 for 10% off) to add a bit of an extra something-something.

Dry brush nails with Born Pretty Store studs and the Essie Silk Watercolor Collection

I love a good dry brush look and the Silk Watercolors are perfect for the technique. They leave a wash of colour that seems a bit more sheer than the OPI Color Paints (which is awesome because it means I won’t regret buying both collections!).