ProcrastiNails: Nail Art Challenge 2013

So I’ve been getting a lot of hits from people looking for a 2013 Nail Art Challenge and realized that when you got here you would just be left with me filling last year’s popular challenge. With that in mind, I created for myself a completely new nail art challenge for 2013. It isn’t as directive as some other challenges are, but rather gives you things to look to and be inspired by. I really wanted to encourage being in the moment, and to look at things that are already in your life to guide your designs.

If you want to give this challenge a try, feel free to add yourself to the Inlinkz gadget at the bottom of the page. (Please only link yourself once!) You can also add the InLinkz code to your own blog, if you want. 🙂

My fills: 

A polish…
1)    … you’ve never used (China Glaze Glitter All The Way and Bizarre Blurple Tape Mani)
2)    … that’s your favourite (Rimmel Cherry Fashion Half Moons)
3)    … that you hate (OPI’s Significant Other Color and Pink Gemstone Mani)
4)    … that you grabbed randomly (eyes closed!) (Revlon Electric Easter Egg Striping Nails)

A design…
5)    … using a technique you haven’t tried before (OPI Spring Watercolour Mani)
6)    … that incorporates fimo
7)    … that incorporates stamping
8)    … that incorporates feathers
9)    … that incorporates glitter
10)  … that incorporates stickers
11)  … that incorporates liquid sand/sand/texture

Inspired by… 
12)  … the sky right now
13)  … the season right now
14)  … the thing closest to you on the left
15)  … the last person you spoke to
16)  … the last book you read
17)  … the last song you heard
18)  … your zodiac sign

Colours representing…
19)  … warm and cozy
20)  … angry
21)  … ecstatic
22)  … calm
23)  … cheerful

Now try… 
24)  … just the tips
25)  … colour blocking
26)  … a panoramic design (across multiple nails)
27)  … splattering

To finish… 
28)  … do one of these challenges on someone else’s nails
29)  … let someone else be creative on your nails
30)  … repeat your favourite challenge