ProcrastiNails: Colour Burst Floral Nail Art + Review of the Born Pretty Store Transparent Crystal Handled Nail Art Drawing Brush

Press Sample

Aaaaand I’m back! You may have noticed my absence over the past week, and if you’re following me on facebook you would have seen that was because I’ve been working on creating a nail room for myself in my apartment. (Woo hoo!) Furniture assembly and reorganization takes a lot of time and energy out of a person, so unfortunately my blog writing had to take a mini break. I’ll have a full post with a look at my new room up in the future, but in the meantime let’s look at this fun colour burst nail art design I put together using a new brush from Born Pretty Store!

I was inspired by this design on pinterest, though as you can see I took it in my own direction. My base is China Glaze Don’t Honk Your Thorn and then I did my bursts with acrylic paint. I actually only used three paint colours (red, yellow and blue) and mixed them with black and white paint to get a whole spectrum of colours. I LOVE how the colour combo turned out!

The brush I used to do my nail art is the Transparent Crystal Handled Nail Art Drawing Brush which was sent to me by Born Pretty Store. It’s a gorgeous little brush with a fine tipped end for detail work and a handle filled with crystals to add a little bling to your day! The bristle is 7cm long and about 1cm wide. You can pick it up right now for $4.78.

I found the brush really easy to use and great for small detail. Mine had one stray bristle peeking out of the end that needed to be cut off, but that wasn’t difficult to deal with.

These nails really cheered my day up while I was wearing them. Little bursts of colour! The brush was also really great and I’m excited to add it to my tools. 🙂 The crystals in the handle are just too cute and the brush was really easy to use and felt comfortable in my hand.

If you’re interested you can pick up this brush right now for $4.78 from Born Pretty Store, and you can also check out their other nail art accessories and tools. If you’re interested in picking up the brush (or anything else!) you can use my discount code for 10% off: ASZW10

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