Polish Comparison: Julep Nancy and Julep Celia

by - Monday, December 29, 2014

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Did everyone have a good Christmas, those who celebrate? :) I'm sure mine was lovely (though I can't speak to that now since I'm scheduling this post ahead of time before I leave to visit my parents and I haven't actually celebrated yet) and I'm sure any polish-related things I got you will hear about soon!

Today I'm doing a quick comparison between two metallic green Julep polishes. The funny thing about Julep is that when they release their monthly previews I look at the offerings and often say to myself: "But that looks just like x from last year! I don't need another polish that looks like that..." But surprise surprise when they actually arrive at my doorstep I often find that the polishes aren't actually that similar. (Whether that's due to mis-remembering the shade on my end or questionable official swatching on the part of Julep.) Julep Nancy and Julep Celia were two such polishes, and just for fun I decided to pull them together to compare.

So let's take a look!

Here's a bottle comparison of the two shades... They still don't look too similar, right? In the bottle Nancy looks more silver than green, but I think part of the reason for that is because your eye has the obvious green of Celia to compare it to. Trust me when I say they're both definitely metallic greens!

When I got them in my hands the first time I could tell that they obviously weren't dupes, but I still decided I wanted to do a swatch comparison.

Let's take a closer look at each polish on their own before pulling them together...

Julep Celia

Julep Celia 
Availability: Julep / $14 ($11.20 Maven) 
Description: Icy Green Metallic  
Originally Released: December 2013 It Girl Box

Celia is a polish that I got last year and was really excited about. It was back when we couldn't customize our Maven boxes and I remember this polish is what settled me on getting the It Girl box for that month. It applies really smoothly and is opaque in two coats though you can get away with one (like most of Julep's foil metallics).

Julep Nancy

Julep Nancy
AvailabilityJulep / $14 ($11.20 Maven) 
Description: Silvery Sage Metallic  
Originally ReleasedOctober 2014 Bombshell Box

Nancy is a polish I picked up pretty recently, and when I originally reviewed it I commented on the fact that it reminded me of Celia. So this comparison was meant to be! This is also a two-coater (though you could get away with one).

Julep Celia vs Nancy

As you can see there is very little question that these are very different polishes. Celia has more of a green turquoise look and Nancy leans more towards the silver end of the green spectrum. But they're both in the green family, are both Julep metallics, and both apply wonderfully.

Do I need to own both of them? Probably not, but I'm happy I do. :) I think if I had to choose only one it would be Celia because I love that bold metallic green.

What about you, do you like one more than the other? Think I need both? Hate both of them? I'd love to hear your opinions before you leave. :)

Take care! And Happy Holidays!

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  1. Celia is a very pretty color! Thanks for a great comparison post. :)

  2. Both are pretty! Celia is gorgeous.

  3. I think I Celia more because it's brighter and I like bright colors, but both of them are really pretty.....so I can't really make up my mind...soooo, I think having both of them is the smart haha (:

  4. You totally need them both! They're both insanely gorgeous :D :D :D

  5. Very pretty! I think I like Nancy more right now because I'm in a winter/fall shades kinda mood these days. Celia is like the summer version!


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