ProcrastiNails: Nail Art: Violet for #31DC2016 // Purple and Gold One Stroke Flower Mani

Hooray, I had a moderately successful attempt at a one stroke flower design! This challenge is doing wonders for my technique skills, it’s letting me try a bunch of things that I’ve been meaning to work on but never have the time to actually do. 🙂

Today we’re looking at the violet fill for The 31 Day Challenge, and later today I’ll have the Black & White fill for you, too! Check below for more info!

I wanted to start off with a background that would let my purple flowers pop, so after a lot of debate with myself about the benefits of using white vs light purple vs a nude, I went with my trusty Sinful Colors Snow Me White. Is anyone surprised? lol

Once my base was dry I topped it with a layer of top coat because I knew I was going to do my flowers with acrylic paint, and if you mess up as long as you have a top coat you can usually wash it off and try again. So I had that in mind, with my previous (horrible) attempts at one stroke designs.

Okay! So top coat is dry. Time to grab my brush, dip one corner in white acrylic and one corner in purple acrylic, and give it a go. And it turned out way better than expected, hooray! It needed a little something else so I placed a few glitter from my bottle of Essie Rock at the Top around each flower, sealed it with top coat and was done. 🙂

Ta da! Best one stroke I’ve done yet, so I’m super proud of these!

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