ProcrastiNails: Julep Maven August 2014 Selections are Open – The Wanderlust Collection!

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Julep’s Collection this month is themed around adventuring, and it’s one of those collections that left me in awe at first glance. These are gorgeous colours! Look how rich and pigmented they are… Ahhhh. How am I ever going to choose?!

It’s going to be Julep’s third birthday as well, so they have a special polish and some special boxes lined up to celebrate. The polish is named Queen Anne and the only way you can get it (for now) is by selecting either the Happy Mani-versary or Beauty Trailblazers boxes.

Let’s take a look!

Queen Anne

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  • Queen Anne (It Girl): Lilac confetti microglitter
Gel Eye Gliders
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The new beauty item for this month is a series of Gel Eye Gliders that claim to be waterproof and last for 10+ hours. I love a good eyeliner gel so I’m really excited to give these a try! They’re $9.99 each if you don’t get them in your box, and the non-Maven price is going to be $16.99.

Now let’s look at the boxes…

Anniversary Exclusive: Happy Mani-versary
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  • Cleanup Tool: Designed to clean under nails and wipe polish off skin
  • Mighty Nail & Cuticle Serum: A botanical oil blend that dries polish like magic
  • Ta Da! Quick Dry Drops: A peptide-fueled treatment for healthier manis
  • Queen Anne (It Girl): BONUS POLISH! Lilac confetti microglitter
Anniversary Exclusive: Beauty Trailblazers
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  • Bare Face Cleansing Oil: A skin-boosting best seller that dissolves makeup & dirt
  • Blank Canvas Mattifying Face Primer: An age-defying primer that helps makeup last longer & look better
  • Queen Anne (It Girl): BONUS POLISH! Lilac confetti microglitter
August 2014 Core Classics Box
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  • Clean Slate Conditioning Nail Polish Remover & Pump: Our acetone-free formula in a professional pump-action bottle
  • Party’s Over Glitter Nail Polish Removal Kit: Includes 10 reusable finger caps and enough polish remover pads for your next five glitter manis
  • Party’s Over Glitter Remover Refill Kit: Includes enough polish remover pads for five more glitter manis
August 2014 Modern Beauty Box
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  • Gel Eye Glider in Smoky Taupe Shimmer: Clinically proven to last for 10+ hours
  • Sweep Eyeshadow Palette: Neutrals: Five neutral shades with reparative benefits
August 2014 Boho Glam Box
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  • Gel Eye Glider in Rich Brown: Clinically proven to last for 10+ hours
  • India (Boho Glam): Freshwater blue shimmer
  • Waleska (Boho Glam): Eucalyptus green chrome with gold iridescence
August 2014 Bombshell Box
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  • Gel Eye Glider in Smoky Plum: Clinically proven to last for 10+ hours
  • Neha (Bombshell): Sari magenta shimmer
  • Tazeen (Bombshell): Full-coverage Bollywood gold glitter
August 2014 Classic With a Twist Box
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  • Gel Eye Glider in Blackest Black: Clinically proven to last for 10+ hours
  • Katie (Classic with a Twist): Orchid iridescent chrome
  • Avni (Classic with a Twist): African violet shimmer
August 2014 It Girl Box
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  • Tammi (It Girl): Lemongrass green shimmer
  • Joyce (It Girl): Lava red shimmer
  • Kirti (It Girl): Persimmon iridescent shimmer


Sushmita – $6.99
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  • Sushmita (Classic With a Twist): Pashmina pink silk
Nail Moisture Mask — 3 Pack – $4.99
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  • Julep Nail Mask (3): Keep thirsty nails hydrated with these nutrient-rich masks. Each packet contains 10 slip-on masks that deliver vitamin E, aloe, collagen, shea butter, and botanical oils to your nail beds and cuticles. Plus, they’re touchscreen-friendly—feel free to text and tweet while you treat.
Start to Finish Eye Kit – $19.99
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  • Blank Canvas Eye Primer: A reparative eye primer that creates a smooth, flawless base for long-lasting eye looks.
  • Shader Brush: This versatile brush features fine, soft, synthetic bristles that allow for smooth, controlled application and flawless blending.
  • Eye Sheen Liquid Eyeshadow in Pale Nude: A water-based eyeshadow that glides on easily and lasts all day.
  • Julep Lengthening Mascara – Brown: Lash growth enhancement ingredients and micro-fiber applicator separates, lengthens, and conditions individual lashes to lock in moisture and protect from breakage.
Double Luxe – $14.99
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  • Luxe Repair Skin Serum: A rejuvenating skin serum that delivers deep hydration and essential nutrients to help rebuild skin structure from the inside out. Use on hands, nails, face, or anywhere skin needs repair.
  • Luxe Care Hand Crème: An intensive moisturizer that offers relief from dry, chapped hands and leaves skin indulgently soft.

Lip Love – $12.99
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  • Buff Lip Scrub: This exfoliating, hydrating scrub makes it easy to de-flake on the go—just massage on and wipe off. Your lips will look and feel better right away.
  • Luxe Lip Conditioning Treatment: Enriched with natural ingredients that soothe, hydrate, and plump lips, this silky-smooth moisturizer sets a new bar for balm.
Charming & Timeless Minis (.17 fl oz) – $8.99
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  • For shiny lips that look and feel amazing, just add our sheer, subtle gloss. Charming is mauve and Timeless is nude; both are adorably sized.

You can see more information and swatches of all these products on the official Julep blog, as well as the full list of available add-ons.

Swap out options for My Maven:  

  • Sweep Eyeshadow Palette: Neutrals
  • Blank Canvas Mattifying Eye Primer
  • Julep Eye Sheen in Pale Nude Shimmer, Deep Bronze Shimmer, Warm Fig Shimmer, or Dusty Taupe Shimmer
  • Ink Gel Eyeliner
  • Oxygen Performance Top Coat
  • Oxygen Smoothing Base Coat
  • Freedom Polymer Top Coat
  • Oxygen Nail Treatment
  • Clean Slate Conditioning Nail Polish Remover & Pump
  • Essential Cuticle Oil
  • Rock Star Hand Crème
  • Kajal Eye Glider & Sharpener
  • Lip Gloss in AdoredAwestruck, Charming, Daring, Enchanted, Fearless, Glowing, Graceful, Posh, or Timeless

Additional options for Maven Luxe: 

  • Bare Face Cleansing Oil
  • Mighty Nail & Cuticle Serum
  • Luxe Repair Skin Serum
  • Luxe Care Hand Crème
  • Blank Canvas Mattifying Face Primer
  • Blank Canvas Lip Primer

Recap of recent changes to the Julep Maven Program: Julep has recently changed the way their subscription service works. Previously the Julep Maven box was $19.99 monthly and you could sign up for one, three or six months. As I mentioned in the May Selection post Julep has now added a new tier to their boxes called My Maven for $24.99/month (or $59.97 for three months if you pre-pay – this works out to the original $19.99/month). With My Maven you can swap out any product in your box for a different product, making the box fully customizable. There’s also a Maven Luxe level for $39.99/month ($34.99/month if you sign up for 3 months at a time) which will give you a fully customizable box plus one additional item of your choice. If you want to pay $19.99/month now you need to pre-pay 3 months at a time.

I ended up completely customizing my box this month. I live in gel eyeliner so I had to try out the gliders! I got the Rich Brown Gel Eye Glider, as well as two gorgeously jewel-toned polishes: Neha (Bombshell) and Waleska (Boho Glam).

A lot of the items were already sold out by the time I logged on, but I saw on the Julep Facebook page that some of the things that are currently out of stock will be re-stocked in the next couple of days. So my suggestion would be to pick up your second (or third) choice, and then check in periodically and update if your first choice comes back in stock. It’s not the ideal method but we have to work with what we have, right?

The selection window is open from the 20th to 24th, so if you haven’t logged in to make your selections yet get on it!