30 Days of Colour [Day 27: Untried] China Glaze Point Me To The Party

by - Monday, April 27, 2015

You know how in some collections there's that one shade that everyone seems to pick up and instantly love? I feel like Point Me To The Party is exactly that for China Glaze's Electric Summer Nights 2015 Collection. I've had this sitting on my desk since it came out and finally decided to rock it on my nails for my Birthday last week. I've also swatched it to share for today's 'Untried' prompt for the 30 Days of Colour! Woo!

Point Me To The Party is a neon glitter topper with medium and large hex glitter. The glitter is fairly thin (think plastic tissue paper) so you can get some overlap in colours when you apply it which I think is really cool. I used two coats over a base of OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls.

As you can see this is packed with colours... purple, pink, green, orange and blue! It's funny because when you look at the bottle it looks like the main colours are going to be pink, orange and yellow but on the nail you can see it's an even mix of all of them.

I'm just... super in love with this polish. SUPER. IN LOVE. It's bold and bright and neon and what's not to love! :) I want to try layering it over some other shades eventually, but I really think putting it over white helps the colours to pop. A lot of people must feel the same because I think most of the swatches I've seen of this one are over white! I should've mixed it up! Oh well, haha. 

Did you pick up any shades from the Electric Summer Nights Collection? What do you think of Point Me To The Party?

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  1. Fun neon glitter! I want it now.

  2. This collection doesn't excite me but I'm drooling over this fun glitter topper now!

  3. I like this over white. You can def see the color pop of the neons. I'm loving all the neons so I'm glad to see that this is an untried for you

  4. What a fun topper!! Very versatile too!

  5. I loved this glitter! It's so fun to play with!

  6. I love this topper and the entire collection. I cannot wait to swatch it all.

  7. It's funny indeed how different the bottle looks compared to the actual result!

    1. Right? If I hadn't seen awesome swatches online I wouldn't have picked it up, I bet.

  8. This CG glitter topper is must have item. It adds a nice fun element to any manicure.

  9. This one is my favourite glitter in that collection!

  10. Ahh neon glitter! It looks awesome and so much better on the nail than in the bottle :)


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