ProcrastiNails: Cheeky Summer Collection Stamping Plates Mani and Review [pic heavy]

I love getting nail mail! I got a whole bunch of stuff that’ll probably start showing up in posts over the next while, but for now I put together a review of the new stamps I just got. I’ve never tried Cheeky brand plates before, and honestly I was blown away by how good they are. This post has a run-down of all the designs in the Summer Collection (all 26 plates!) as well as a quick stamping mani I used to test the depth and quality of the designs.

For the mani I chose these cute little aliens because they have feet and spikes and teeth and eyes, and that seemed like a lot of details for a stamp to pick up. For an extra challenge I stamped them over Bump & Grind from the China Glazed Texture Collection (plus two layers of Seche Vite), and even with the extra texture all the details came through beautifully! WOW!

This is what the packaging looks like. It holds all 26 plates. Cute! It’s slightly magnetized so that the lid stays shut too, which is nice.

The nice packaging continues on the inside, where they included a nice and sturdy card that you can use as a scraper “in case of emergency”! Hahah. I’ll stick to my Konad scraper, but it’s good to have a backup.

I hate taking coverings off of stamping plates, and in fact I sliced my finger while removing the wrappers from this set (even with the decorative paper backing they have to prevent just that). 🙁 My go-to trick for getting them open is to rub my finger gently against one of the sides so it peeks up a bit, and then I grab that edge with a pair of tweezers and pull until the covering is up enough that I can get a good grip with my fingers. Once you peel the coverings off you’re ready to stamp!

The Designs

CH30 – Musical themed single designs! I sense some 90’s themed nails coming up.

CH 31 – More music designs, but mainly full nail this time! I used to play the piano, so I’m totally going to have to use that full nail piano keys design in the future. Yesss.

CH32 – These are the designs I tried out at first, and which can be seen in the mani included in this post. Cute little aliens/monsters! I especially love the one that looks like a raindrop!

CH33 – Kind of a mishmash on this plate… Earthy designs and a geometric design and one that looks kind of like clocks! Space clocks? Space clocks.

CH34 – Sports sports sports! Golf and diving and baseball, oh my!

CH35 – More sports! This time individual designs. If I followed sports I think I could make a pretty good mani for my (non-existent) favourite football team with these ones!

CH36 – Fun in the sun! These would have been awesome to have for my last vacation. The sunglasses are too cute!

CH37 – More summer themed designs! Thinking I might use that full nail bathing suit design for a last-minute fill for the Hobby Polish Bloggers Step Into Summer Challenge… Hmm!

CH38 – SHARKS AND DOLPHINS, YESSS. Totally doing up a sea themed mani for when I go see Blackfish later this week.

Ch39 – Games and gambling designs, interesting! I’m feeling an Alice in Wonderland type look with those cards…

CH40 – This plate was made for nail bloggers, let’s be honest. Haha. Maybe I’ll throw something together with these if there’s ever a Toronto Bloggers meet-up..! (Hint hint! Any of you from Toronto?)

CH41 – This plate was a bit grungy looking when I took the plastic off, but I’m hoping that clears up with some acetone. Food designs for everyone! Om nom nom.

CH42 – Hmmm… I have some strawberry fimo decorations, and I’m now thinking about how I could use them in combination with that full nail strawberry design… More food looks!

CH43 – Random collection of cartoon-y animals… That penguin is adorable, and I also love the sheep.

CH44 – Pretty full nail flower designs… Nothing here really jumps out at me, but they’re pretty all the same.

CH45 – SPACE! Time for some galaxy nails, I think!

CH46 – Some full nail space designs. I love the one with the UFO’s on it!

CH47 – Bam! Pow! Zap! This would have been super useful for the superhero themed party I was at last month, as multiple people who have seen these plates have told me! OHHH well.

CH48 – Shock! Exclamation! These are some good reaction designs!

CH49 – Arrrrrrr! Pirate designs! Love these. 🙂 That full nail ships design is flawless and is going to have to make it’s way onto my nails sooner rather than later.

CH50 – I’m pretty ‘meh’ on most of these… Those mandalas are nice, and the cloud-like trees on the side could be nice, but overall I’m not feeling this plate.

CH51 – Movie themes! I love the tapes and the stop-pause-play designs. So cool!

CH52 – Such a grungy looking plate, but again I’m hoping a swipe of acetone will help to clean it up a bit.. None of these designs really jump out to me, but the star-made-of-stars is kind of neat.

CH53 – Valentine’s type designs on this one… I think the mail delivery doves one is cute, but otherwise I would take a pass on this one.

CH54 – Money and shopping and… wedding rings? Okay. Hahah.

CH55 – More money and shopping! The sale tags are cute, and I also like the full nail dollar signs. I have no clue what I would use them for, but I like them all the same. 🙂

Seriously, I love this set. There’s such a wide variety of designs available, and most of them are full nail sized. They’re also a smidge bigger than the Konad stamps, and the designs seem to be etched deeper than Konad’s designs as well so it’s easier to pick up the picture. Awesome! I got the 26 plate set for $18.99 CAN on Amazon and if you’re looking for more plates to add to your collection I would 100% recommend these ones.

And here’s some more pics of the mani I made while trying out the stamps. As I mentioned above, these are from plate CH32. 🙂

I just love these little aliens. And again, blown away by how crisp the stamps came out, especially considering they’re on top of a textured polish. I’ll certainly be using this collection instead of my Konad stamps for the next while.

So, what do you think? Favourite designs from this set? Do you use Cheeky stamps or Konad stamps or some other brand all together? I’d love to hear!

Thanks for visiting!! xx

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