ProcrastiNails: Swatch // Essie Belugaria (aka The Most Hated Polish of All Time?)

I have to admit – one of the reasons I love this polish so much is because so many other people seem to hate it so much! Like, people hate this polish with a passion!

Periodically I’ll follow referral links that come up in my stats from the first time I swatched this polish (linked here – warning, it’s from 2013!) and find posts and threads where people are all basically saying “OMG LOOK HOW UGLY THIS POLISH IS!”

My favourite comparison so far is that it looks like wet asphalt with glitter stuck in it. Amazing. It is amazing that there is a polish that fits that description perfectly, haha.

So when the theme for this week for The 30 Days of Colour was ‘Texture,’ you can bet your butt this is the first polish I thought of! Check out more swatches below!

As mentioned in the post title, this beautiful monstrosity is Essie Belugaria. It was originally released with the 2013 Encrusted Treasures Collection and was hilariously described officially as “holographic jet black lace.” HOW does that even begin to describe this wonder of the polish world? I don’t even know, Essie. I don’t know what you were drinking when you decided that.

Swatching this is a pain, I’ll be honest about that. This polish is like a black jelly with sand and hex glitter mixed in, and the grit and jelly base don’t really jive. You have to basically scoop up a glob on your brush and then spread it around the nail. Fun times!

Pictured here is three coats, and you have to be careful with how you apply it to make it look this good. 😉

I think some of the problems with this polish could have been fixed with a finer texture as the idea is neat and similar to what Zoya does with their Magical Pixie Dust. But alas they chose not to do that, so we get this beautiful mess of a polish. 🙂

Where do you sit on this polish – love it or hate it? Let me know!!

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