ProcrastiNails: Looking Back at My Top 5 Halloween Nail Art Designs

* Contains Press Samples

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope your night is spooky and fun and filled with candy. 🙂 I didn’t get a chance to put together any new Halloween looks this year because for some reason my mind decided it was going to bypass Halloween and move straight on to Christmas this year. But I wanted to acknowledge the day somehow, so I’ve decided to do a throwback post to some of my favourite Halloween-inspired looks from the past couple of years. 🙂 Enjoy!

First up is this amazingly gory bloody eyeball look I put together last October with Bundle Monster plate BM-H06 which was sent to me by to celebrate the season. 🙂 This was one of my more successful stamping decal attempts, and I just love how the bloody red pops off of the soft grey background of Quo by ORLY Clean Sweep. SPOOKY! I know this one freaked a few people out!

This next look is less creepy/bloody and more traditional, but I like it just as much. I have a habit of buying seasonal nail stickers and decals and never getting around to using them (I’m looking at you, Shark Week decals…) so this mani came from that and a desire to use the lovely Julep Beatrix. I ended up with a nice, calm Halloween night with a witch floating along in the stars.

This is not only a favourite for me in terms of Halloween looks, it’s also the first successful water marble I ever did! I love how the background colours look like bloody, milky mess, and the skulls themselves look like they’re peeking through from the void. Creepy!

What’s a round-up of Halloween looks without at least one that looks like it’s dripping blood! I purposefully did this one opposite from how a dripping mani would normally look because I wanted it to seem like the negative space was dripping down and taking over the colour. I don’t know if that worked out quite how I expected it, but I still really love the finished look. 🙂

The last one I have to share with you is one of my all-time favourites, and it’s actually one that my good friend Ash from Glitter Perfection XO recreated earlier this month! Everyone loves a good candy corn gradient (even though in terms of flavour I’m in the ‘ewww candy corn’ camp) and I love the contrast of the black space in this mani. 🙂

Which looks is your favourite from these five? Mine would have to be the last one, the lines are just so crisp with the black and the gradient is blended so well. It makes me content just to look at it again!

I hope you all have wonderful night, and that your nails are dressed up in costume! I’d love to look at more Halloween looks to get me in the spirit for the night so if you want feel free to share a link to your current or favourite Halloween mani in the comments!

Thanks for visiting! Happy Halloween! xx