Candy Corn in the Halloween Void!

by - Wednesday, October 29, 2014

I'm having a fun time naming my Halloween nail art looks, can you tell? Haha.

What's a Halloween theme without some candy corn! I actually wore the base of these nails (the gradient on it's own) to a pumpkin carving party earlier in the week and it was a huge hit. I'm always surprised by how much people outside of the blogging community love nail gradients. I mean, it's great for me since when I do their nails gradients are so easy to do, but I always go in expecting them to prefer fancy free-hand work. Shows what I know. :) Anyway, enough about that. Let's get into the nails!

This was a surprisingly easy look to pull together. I really need to work on my tutorial formatting because this design would be perfect for a tutorial. But I'm getting off-topic again!

For the majority of my nails I started with two coats of Sinful Colors Snow Me White and then did a candy corn themed gradient with Snow Me White, Essie Orange, It's Obvious! and Nicole by OPI Hit The Lights. For my accent nail I did two small patches of white base and then did tiny gradient patches on top of it. Once everything was dry I used Sinful Colors Black on Black to outline the candy corn on my accent nail and then filled in around it, and then used a striping brush and more black to paint candy corn outlines on top of my gradient base. Seal it all with a layer of top coat and you're done!

I really really love how this look came out, and it's definitely my favourite in recent memory. I also like that my camera is starting to play nice and took some decent pictures.

So with all that done, I just have one last question: Candy Corn - delicious food item or just good for Halloween design inspiration? Personally I can't stand it to eat it!

Thanks for visiting! :)

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  1. Love them! I'm one of those who loves gradients too haha I've tried doing them but I need to practice more.
    I've never tried candy corn actually!

  2. What a cool idea! They turned out great too.

  3. This looks great! I love gradients - they're such a simple way to get a gorgeous look :)

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. I love the accent nail. The candy corns really pop off the black background. Kudos on doing such small gradients on that nail by the way.

  6. The candy corn on the black nail look good enough to eat!

  7. Very fun! Even as a blogger, I still loooove a good gradient haha :)

  8. I've never had candy corn, just never feel like trying them. I love gradient! even with the messy cleanup, but not sure I like doing it on other people, haha. Great job here, I really like your candy corn!

  9. Fun candy corn nails! I like the black!


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