ProcrastiNails: Get Lucky Nail Art Challenge: Use ALL the greens! (And then add some sparkle.)

As I mentioned yesterday, today I bring you another nail art challenge! This one is called the Get Lucky Nail Art Challenge. It’s going to last for 4 days, and (as you’ve probably guessed) it’s themed around St. Patrick’s Day. First up: shades of green!

I knew I wanted to do a grunge/distressed look so I knew I was going to need a handful of polishes. I decided to pull all my green Julep polishes for this look (top to bottom: Julep Valerie, Payton, Mackenzie and Courteney) combined with Julep Hope for a bit of contrast. As it says in the title, use ALL the greens!! Haha.

The distressed look was pretty on it’s own, but for whatever reason I decided it needed a bit more pizzazz. Enter: China Glaze Fairy Dust! Because why not! I wish I could get the true sparkle of this finished look to come through in this picture… It looks more like scattered glitter and less like white dots in real life! 🙂

I kind of wish I had finished this look with a stud or something up by the cuticles now that I look at it. But considering it was me trying to do something quick and simple to kick-start my creativity for the week it is totally satisfactory. 🙂

Take a look at the other fills that are coming up over the next few days:

EDIT: Now that the challenge is finished, here’s a round-up of all the fills I completed:

March 14 – Use ALL the greens! (And then add some sparkle.)
March 15 – Irish Flag or Irish Candy? Who knows!
March 16 – Deconstructed Lucky Rainbow!
March 17 – My St Patrick’s Day Nail Fail!

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