ProcrastiNails: OPI Valentine’s Day Mani with Too Hot Pink To Hold ‘Em!

It’s Valentine’s Day! Which is basically just a day where I wander around glaring at couples and playing video games, but what can you do. (Aside from… an awesome mani! HAH. Lame joke.)

My camera did weird things to these colours, so fyi the base colour is actually more blue-toned than the orange you see here. :/

I did the lips free-hand with the same small dotting tool I used for the hearts. I did two dots close together and connected them and sweeped out a bit at the sides for the top lips, and did a dot in the middle and swept out to the sides again for the bottom lips. It was pretty easy!


(L to R)
OPI’s You Only Live Twice (hearts)
OPI’s Too Hot Pink To Hold ‘Em (base)
OPI’s Sparrow Me The Drama (lips)


 (L to R)
1/4″ angled shader brush for cuticles
My smallest dotting tool for the designs

More Pics: