2015 Review // My Top 10 Mainstream/Drugstore Polishes

by - Wednesday, December 30, 2015

* Contains Press Samples

Happy (almost) New Year! I don't have many year-end posts for this year, but I did put together a look at my favourite 10 mainstream/drugstore polishes from the past year. I think it's interesting to see that this gives a good look at the changes in my photography from the past year, too!

Check out my top 10 below and then let me know what you think! Are there any you think I missed? :)

10) CND Vinylux Reflecting Pool *

Original PostCND Vinylux Garden Muse Summer 2015 Collection Swatches and Review 
Collection: CND Vinylux Garden Muse Summer 2015 

First up in my countdown of my top 10 mainstream/drugstore polishes from 2015 is this cool blue creme from CND Vinylux. I got the entire Garden Muse Collection at a launch event and it was the first time I had tried the brand and I was very pleasantly surprised with the quality. Reflecting Pool isn't especially unique but it really drew my eye and was one of my favourites from the entire collection. :)

9) OPI Indigo Motif

Original PostSwatch and Review // OPI Color Paints Collection 
Collection: OPI Color Paints Collection

Next up is another lovely blue, this time the deeply pigmented indigo blue from the Color Paints Collection. I only let myself choose one shade from this collection to feature in this roundup because let's be honest otherwise I would have chosen all of them. I still can't get over how much I love this collection!

8) Sally Hansen Velvet Texture in Lavish

Original Post30 Days of Colour [Day 19: Vampy] Sally Hansen Velvet Texture in Lavish 
Collection: Sally Hansen Velvet Textures 

We all know that I love textures, and when I first heard of this line I knew I needed to get my hands on at least one of them. Unfortunately Canada gets some drugstore collections in random bursts, which means all I came across was one lonely, random bottle of Lavish at Target. Ultimately I think we only ended up getting three of these shades in Canada (the black, blue and this vampy red/purple) but I really do love this one. It really feels like velvet when you touch it!

7) Julep Ali

Original PostJulep Soft Focus Trio Swatch and Review 
Collection: Julep Soft Focus Trio

I also love a good pastel, and Julep does them well. This soft minty green is both a gentle pastel and a 'soft matte' (even though it still looks pretty damn shiny to me). I loved the entire trio but this has to be my favourite from the set.

6) Essie Just Stitched

Original PostSwatch-It Sunday: Essie Just Stitched from the Cashmere Matte Collection 
Collection: Essie Cashmere Matte Collection

More matte! I really enjoyed this whole collection and unfortunately have half of it un-touched in my helmer even now. One of the shades I did try and which stole my heart is this gorgeous soft pink. There's a hint of blue shimmer at the right angle to pull in any stragglers who might have been resisting the pretty, too.

5) CND Vinylux Wisteria Haze *

Original PostCND Vinylux Garden Muse Summer 2015 Collection Swatches and Review 
Collection: CND Vinylux Garden Muse Summer 2015 

Another one from the Garden Muse collection! Wisteria Haze is actually a shade I wore on my nails for a good while - I like that depending how you interpret the shade it can either be a pastel purple or a soft electric blurple!

4) China Glaze Point Me To The Party

Original Post30 Days of Colour [Day 27: Untried] China Glaze Point Me To The Party 
Collection: Electric Summer Nights 2015

Ohhh my love. Point Me To The Party grabbed my attention (and most other people's attention as well) as soon as swatches started surfacing. There were some good mainstream neons this year but this one was the top for me!

3) China Glaze Metro Pollen-Tin

Original Post30 Days of Colour [Day 2 - Yellow]: China Glaze Metro Pollen-Tin 
Collection: 2014 City Flourish Collection

Okay, so this one is actually from 2014. Shhh!! It's just that I only got around to discovering it in 2015, and since this is my list I've decided to include it. Don't take away my blogging license. ;) I'm not a yellow fan at all and the fact that this buttery yellow drew my adoration as soon as I put it on means it's earned it's place on this list!

2) Nicole by OPI My Claim to Flame *

Original Post30 Days of Colour [Day 7: Orange] Nicole by OPI My Claim to Flame 
Collection: Nicole by OPI 2015 

My second favourite polish this year was a huge surprise for me, both because I don't normally go for the brand and because I don't normally go for the colour! This hot orange-leaning red is amazing and though it was a bit sheer I couldn't stop looking at my nails and waiving them around once I had it on.

1) OPI Give Me Space

Original PostSwatch and Review // OPI Give Me Space from the Holiday 2015 Starlight Collection 
Collection: Holiday 2015 Starlight Collection

And my all-time fav from this season is one I've seen on a lot of people's lists the past few days... Give Me Space is a stunning deep blue just dripping in scattered glitter and it applied like a dream. I plan to pull this one out a lot in the next year and I'm so so happy I decided to pick it up!

So those are my picks for 2015! Let me know your thoughts, and let me know what your favourite mainstream polish from the past year has been.

Will 2016 be the year I dip into indies so I will be able to have a year-end indie favourites post to compliment my mainstream favourites post? Only 2016 will tell!

Thanks for visiting! Happy New Year! xx

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  1. Some nice picks for your favorite mainstream/drugstore polishes. All of them look great.

  2. I really like that mainstream/drugstore brands have stepped up and started releasing fun and unique shades. These are gorgeous!

  3. I loved Point me to the Party. That was one I wore the most all summer long.

  4. Give Me Space is stunning! I totally understand why it's number one on your list!

  5. These are some lovely selections! I adore that yellow ChG on you!

  6. I still want that China Glaze glitter. It's lovely!!

  7. That Velvet is the only one worth it...

  8. OPI Give Me Space will probably be a 2016 shade for me. I've searched up and down for it until I realized it wasn't released it Italy! I'll have to find it online somewhere!

  9. I'm still in love with Give Me Space.

  10. So nice to see you did a round up for drugstore brands! Give me Space from OPI would of def made my own list.

  11. Beautiful picks! A couple of these were in my top 10 as well!

  12. Ooh! That's a very beautiful top 10! I'm kinda in love with Indigo Motif lol! NEEED!

  13. LOVE Point me to the party!!


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