ProcrastiNails: The Julep Resort Collection! Lani, Anita and Malia!

What better place to swatch a set of polishes called The Resort Collection than when you’re on vacation in a resort in Cuba! 🙂 I picked up this set on a whim a month or so ago – mainly because I had heard noises from other bloggers about how much they loved these shades and how sad they were that there weren’t full-sized bottles available. “They can’t be that awesome that people would buy both the minis AND full-sized polishes if they were available,” I thought to myself. I was wrong. These shades are stunning for summer, and now I’m joining the chorus in begging Julep to put out a set of full-sized bottles!! I need them!!

Check under the cut for more thoughts, as well as a look at the adorable packaging this set came in!

The packaging for this set is way too cute to be true. They have all the bottles turned on their sides in the box and with the design it makes it look like the tiny ladies all have lovely once-piece swimsuits on! Genius. The set has three mini shades as well as a mini bottle of Julep’s Freedom Polymer Top Coat.

My main hesitation in picking up this set was that they’re all minis. And if you know Julep, you know that their normal bottles are already way smaller than most other brands. A normal Julep bottle has 8 mL in it compared to the 15 mL of an OPI bottle. These minis come in at 3 mL each where there is 3.75 mL in an OPI mini and 7 mL in a Color Club mini. Hmm.

Julep Lani

Since I was relaxing in the sun (and didn’t hide my light box in my suitcase) I decided to swatch all these shades in both natural sunlight and natural shade. I also broke off all my swatching nails before the plane landed, so these were all swatched on my Cinderella hand. And because this set came with a mini top coat I decided to swatch everything with a top coat. You can see my thoughts on the Julep Freedom Polymer Top Coat here. So many changes!

Julep Lani is an It Girl shade, and it’s described as a “Mediterranean teal blue crème.” This is a stunningly bright teal blue that reminded me of the sky and the ocean and the delicious blue drinks I was sipping on! It took two coats to build up to full opacity.

My main issue with this shade is that we applied it on Nadine’s toes when we first got there and after a couple days the colour was completely washed out and all the shine had left. As you can see above it looks like a completely different polish! This was without top coat and I don’t know if that would make a difference, but just to be safe I would highly recommend using a top coat with this polish if you’re going to be exposing it to the elements.

Julep Anita

Julep Anita is a Bombshell shade and it’s described as a “berry sorbet crème.” This is a lovely vibrant pink that just edges into magenta. It took three coats to build up to full opacity, and it has a single coat of Julep’s Freedom Polymer Top Coat on it for some extra shine. This was the shade that I felt sad to take off at the end of the day… It looked lovely with my skin tone and made me feel girly and relaxed and cheery. 🙂

Julep Malia

Julep Malia is a Classic with a Twist shade described as a “brilliant coral crème.” This is a really interesting shade… Sometimes it looks like it’s veering into subtle neon, other times it looks like it’s leaning towards a very slight pink tinted orange. I don’t know how to describe it! But it’s bright and loud and lovely. This is a three-coater because of streaking, and again pictured here I’ve used a single coat of Julep’s Freedom Polymer Top Coat.

I picked The Resort Collection up for $11.99 but the regular price was $28.00 ($22.40 Maven). Would I have paid full price for a set of minis this tiny? Probably not. But that being said I would consider buying full sized bottles of Lani and Anita in a heartbeat. I think these are gorgeous colours for the season.

My only other complaint would be that my brush for Malia was bent completely out of shape and was almost unusable. I’m going to fix that by using one of the brushes I got with the Plié Wand next time, but it made application really frustrating when I was at the resort and just wanted to chill and paint my nails. I guess the moral of that story is to check your new bottle brushes before you pack! 

Let me know what you think, and if you would consider a set of minis like this for the price! I’m curious! 

Thanks for visiting! 🙂 xx