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ProcrastiNails: 31 Day Nail Art Challenge – ProcrastiNails

ProcrastiNails: 31 Day Nail Art Challenge

The 31 Day Challenge… Every nail blogger’s gotta do it, amirite? 🙂

My fills: 

1)    Red (Red Striped Accent Nails)
2)    Orange (OPI A Roll In The Hague Orange Butterfly Mani)
3)    Yellow (Baratheon Game of Thrones Inspired Mani)
4)    Green (Green Glequin / Hex Glitter Gradient Mani)
5)    Blue (Matte Blue Tape Mani)
6)    Violet (Purple Owl Accent Nail)
7)    Black and White (Black and White Mani with Rimmel Black Satin and OPI’s Pirouette My Whistle)
8)    Metallic (Metallic Fan Brush Mani with China Glaze Magnetix)

9)    Rainbow (Flowery China Glaze Rainbow Colour Blocking)
10)  Gradient (Gradient Newspaper Nails)

11)  Polka Dots (Julep Dotted Tips)
12)  Stripes
13)  Animal Print
14)  Flowers
15)  Delicate Print
16)  Tribal Print
17)  Glitter
18)  Half Moons
19)  Galaxies
20)  Water Marbled

Inspired by:
21)  A Colour
22)  A Song
23)  A Movie
24)  A Book
25)  Fashion
26)  A Pattern
27)  Artwork
28)  A Flag
29)  The Supernatural
30)  A Tutorial
31)  Re-create Your Favourite Challenge