ProcrastiNails: The 31 Day Challenge 2014 – Day 20: Water Marble Fail

You know how when you were little there were people you were “friends” with because your families were close or lived nearby so you didn’t really have a choice? But in reality the two of you basically hated each other and couldn’t wait to grow up so you could grow apart? Yeah, that’s me and water marbling. As a nail blogger I feel I’ve been pushed into a relationship with the technique because it’s one of the core looks in a standard bloggers arsenal but in reality I hate hate hate it. I can never get it to work consistently, and I’m impatiently waiting for the day when water marbling becomes the new crackle polish. It’ll happen some day, right? (Please don’t kill my dream.)

tl;dr version: I hate water marbling, and I’m sad that it was the theme for Day 20 of The 31 Day Challenge. So here is my sad attempt, and let’s all move past this little blip and look towards tomorrow’s fill instead. M’kay? M’kay.

Please excuse the lighting today – my camera reacted weirdly…!
(It must not like water marbling either.)

The water marbling itself was done with a few China Glaze shades: Tongue & Chic, Man Hunt and Bizarre Blurple. I added a bit of Sinful Colors Snow Me White to lighten it up, but in general my goal was to stick with the jewel tones for the majority. It was a surprise to see the blue turn a completely different and lighter shade when spread out in the water. All the polishes spread quite well when I was doing the marbling which was a relief.

My colour blocking with Tongue & Chic is strategic, I will tell you that. Some areas of the water marble turned out not terrible, so they got to stay. My pointer finger, well… I’ll let the state of that speak for how well that marble turned out. Hahah.

I’ll admit this isn’t completely terrible, but it’s still not up to my personal standards. I think I need to dedicate a few hours one day to watching a ton of youtube tutorials and just practicing over and over to get this technique down. Will that ever actually happen? Probably not. So until then I’ll just keep complaining each time this comes up as a theme in nail art challenges. 😉

Check out the designs that were executed much better by the other talented bloggers below:

If you have any tips or tutorials around doing a successful water marble please let me know below! Otherwise I’ll see you tomorrow for the start of the third and final section of the challenge!

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