ProcrastiNails: Swatch-It Sunday: OPI Push and Shove

I didn’t believe this polish was going to deliver when I first saw it, but once I tried it MAN was I impressed! If you haven’t picked up OPI Push and Shove yet, you really need to go pick it up. Like, go right now. It’s as close to a true ultra-chrome as we’re going to get (at least for the next while)! 

Push and Shove is one of the shades from the new Gwen Stefani for OPI Collection, and it was the only one that really jumped out at me from the set. It came with it’s own mini bottle of  base coat called Lay Down that Base (best name ever!) that you’re supposed to use to prime your nails. I haven’t tried this polish with any other base coats, but from what I’ve seen of others attempts it makes the polish streak and bunch up. Special base coat for a special polish! Maybe I’ll do some tests of my own in the future.

The packaging for this polish (sorry I didn’t get a picture of it! Google is your friend!) also says not to use a top coat with it, which wasn’t a problem for this since I don’t usually use top coat with my swatches. I’ve used this with a topcoat as a base for nail art though and nothing really happened, so as far as I’m concerned if you want to use it with top coat then use it with top coat!

The main downside to this polish is that it amplifies every bump and nick on your nails… As you can see, my pointer didn’t come out too good. My pinky also has some sad bumps. But in real life they aren’t really significant enough to notice. You have to watch out for brush strokes as well, of course. Pictured here is two coats, though I’ve worn it out of the house with one coat before. It also dries really quickly. Like, within a couple of minutes. The easiest way I’ve found to apply it is to have a good amount of polish on your brush and to try to do the whole nail in one sweep if you can. Let it dry, and then do a second coat.

And for a different angle (and a shot of this polish with just one coat), here’s the picture I posted on instagram the other day:

It says on the box that “Like all limited engagement events, Push and Shove is intended for One Night Only wear,” and I can say from experience that after a day this polish can look a bit beaten up. I actually wore off some of the polish on the highest curve of my nail from washing my hands so often! Imagine that!

Despite the life span of this polish and it’s ability to show all your bumps and bruises, I can honestly say I love this polish. Possibly more than any polish I’ve bought so far this year. I just can’t get enough of it!!

Did you pick up Push and Shove (or any other shades from the Gwen Stefani Collection)? Let me know!

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