ProcrastiNails: My Julep Maven (Sept 2013) Classic With a Twist Box Arrived! Padma and Florence (+ Daria Add-On) Swatches and Review [pic heavy]

It’s been a whole week since I last posted! Oh my gosh! /o\ Where has the time gone…?! To celebrate my mini-return I bring you: the Julep Classic With a Twist Box for September! Yaaaay!

This month we have The Cityscape Collection. None of the colours in the other sets really spoke to me (and I had dupes for most of them anyway) so I decided to go for something other than the It Girl box this month. The box I decided on contained Padma (the deep purple) and Florence (the nude) and a bottle of Bare Face Cleansing Oil, and I decided to get Daria (the slate grey) as an add-on. What can I say? For me fall is a season for more muted colours, and these were the ones that spoke to me. (And to be honest, this is actually my favourite box to-date… Love all of these!)

I loved the quote in this month’s box, but was disappointed to see that the bonus gift was another One-Step Remover Pad. Boo-urns. You all remember how much I disliked this pad the last time they sent one in the box. That being said, I found the pad worked a little bit better this time than last… They don’t say they’ve changed the product, but the fabric was completely different (thin cloth rather than felt) and it actually cleaned 5 of my nails this time rather than only 3. Progress!! I also picked up another emery board because I really like theirs and my cat puked on my old one. 🙁

Here’s a look at all the products that came in my box for the month. Padma and Florence (which were in the base box), Daria (which I added-on from the Bombshell Box) and the full-size bottle of Bare Face Cleansing Oil. You can also see the new packaging for their polish (they’re all in individual boxes now, and marketed as “Julep Color Treat”), which I’m not totally sold on. Seems like a waste of cardboard!

The difference between my usual box and this box is mainly the products in it. The It Girl box always has three polishes in it, while the other boxes either have 2 polishes and one full-size beauty product or just two full-size beauty products. The beauty product for this month was the Bare Face Cleansing Oil which is a “lightweight, antioxidant-rich cleanser that gently and thoroughly dissolves makeup, dirt, and excess oil without over-drying skin, then rinses clean with no oily residue.” Outside of the September Boxes the bottle is valued at $28 (US) or $22.40 if you’re a Maven.

This isn’t a beauty product blog so I won’t talk much about this product, but I did try it so I’ll tell you how it went. Basically this is an oil that you rub all over your face, and then rinse off with warm water. It felt weird to put legit oil on my face to clean it, but when it was all said and done my face felt smooth and clean and not dry or greasy at all. I wouldn’t have gone out of my way to get this normally, but now that I have it I’m sure I’ll use it up over time.

On to the polish!


Julep Padma is described as “a royal plum crème” though I would have called it a deep plum instead. Deep, deep plum. As you can see, with two coats this polish almost looks black. There’s a bit of a shimmer of purple that you can see in the bottle in the right light, but unfortunately that dimension doesn’t come through on the nail unless you only put on one coat (which isn’t possible because one coat on it’s own is extremely streaky). Oh well. It’s still a lovely colour, even if (as you can see) it stains the cuticles and makes clean-up not so fun. Pictured here is two coats without topcoat.


Julep Florence is described as a “classic camel crème” and it is hands-down my current favourite nude. I was worried it was going to be too thin from how the polish looks in the bottle, but it went on gorgeously. Pictured here is two coats, and as you can see the polish is thick enough that two coats makes it completely opaque. I am definitely going to be using this as a base for some upcoming designs!


Julep Daria is described as a “dark slate grey crème” and I’m happy I picked it up as an add-on because I think it’s going to be perfect for fall. I love grey in the fall… Grey tights, grey sweater dresses, grey boots, grey nails! It’s the perfect base to add a pop of orange or red or purple colour to. 🙂 Pictured here is two coats without topcoat, and like all the other colours this month it went on thick (but not goopy thick) and lovely.

Julep polishes retail for $14 (US) each, or $11.20 each if you’re a Maven. The monthly box program is $19.99/month and as I said above you get three polishes, two polishes and full size product, or two full sized products depending on which beauty profile you choose. If you’re interested in signing up for the Julep Maven program you’re welcome to use my referral link, and remember to use the code “FREEBOX” at the checkout to get your first month free! 🙂

So overall I am extremely pleased with everything in this box. I had debated skipping this month because nothing was jumping out at me saying I just NEEDED to have it, but I’m so happy I decided to get this set (and I’m even happy about the cleansing oil!). These colours will make a great start to my fall wardrobe. 🙂

What’s your favourite colour for fall? Is it any of these?? Let me know!!

Thanks for visiting!! xx

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