ProcrastiNails: Born Pretty Store Holo Foil Review

* Items in this post were provided for honest review

I’ve never had a chance to try foil nails, so when Born Pretty Store agreed to send me a sheet of Holo Nail Foil (Pattern 58) I was really excited. Unfortunately it wasn’t as easy to apply as I hoped, so while my final look isn’t terrible it also isn’t how I pictured it turning out. Oh well… Live and learn, right? 🙂

When I chose the pattern I wanted, what I thought I was ordering was a light pink holo foil. Silly me didn’t realize the pink was the plastic bag the foil was in. So when I finally got my order I opened it only to realize…

That the foil was transparent. Siggghhhhh. But I thought: “That’s okay, I can still make this work!”

What you see here? Was about my 6th attempt.

After watching lots of foil application tutorials I assumed I didn’t need to get special nail foil application glue like some brands sell in their kits. The internet told me I could use almost-dry top coat, or white glue, or white glue mixed with some water, or a slightly tacky layer of my base coat. I tried all. of. these.

In the end the one that worked for me was plain old white glue, leaving it until it was almost transparent but still slightly tacky (any more and the foil and backing just glued to the nail, any less and none of the foil transferred). I tried to make vague line shapes down the middle of each nail on top of Essie Under the Twilight and had to go over the area on each nail with glue and foil 3+ times to get this much coverage. And no top coat because that would eat away the foil that DID make it onto the nail. Blah.

It’s not my best work, but like I said it’s moderately passable. Like, if you didn’t know what I went through to get this you would probably think it was fine and looked like this on purpose. (How about let’s pretend that’s it, okay? Haha.) It kind of looks like a flakie top coat.

If you want to make an order with Born Pretty Store you can feel free to use my discount code below for 10% off your order. You can also check out all the other awesome and affordable nail art items that are available in the store. They have new items arriving all the time. Since they ship from China it might take a few weeks to get to you, but shipping is free and I promise you it’s worth it for the price and selection!

That’s it from me for today! Thanks for visiting!! xx 

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