2013 Nail Art Challenge: Revlon Electric Easter Egg Striping Nails

by - Tuesday, March 26, 2013

So I mentioned my newest ebay haul had come in a few posts ago, and today I put to use one of my purchases: striping tape! I also used this as an opportunity to make some movement on my 2013 Nail Art Challenge (which I have been neglecting) by doing Day 4: Grab a Random Polish! When I closed my eyes and reached into my nail polish bins, the one I grabbed was one I got at the dollar store a few months ago and haven't had a chance to use: Revlon Top Speed in Electric.

This creamy yellow combined with the striping tape made me think of easter, so I've decided these are easter egg nails! :) 
One thing I found interesting about striping tape is that while it looks completely flat to the eye in real life, as soon as you photograph it the tape looks... well, to put it bluntly it looks pretty unfinished! It looks like it sticks up and like the edges aren't cut properly! So I've learned a lesson, which is that striping tape mani's are ones that have to be seen in real life and shouldn't be judged by pics.

What I used to get this look:

(L to R):
Light blue, white and light pink striping tape
Revlon Top Speed in Electric
Cuticle scissors for cutting the striping tape

More pics:

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  1. I love stripping tape, so good for accurate lines. Cute Easter egg nails and yeah I see your point, looks almost 3d the tape. That us such a nice yellow, how many coats did it need? I usually need 5 to get mine like that.

    1. I was surprised by how much I like this yellow... For sure worth the $2! Haha. I think it took 3 thick coats, with a fourth on one nail to smooth out the coverage.


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