ProcrastiNails: My Stamping Decal Adventure! (Round 1)

I have a bit of a nail fail to share with you today! I’ve been trying to build up the courage and motivation to attempt making my own stamping decals, and for whatever reason I decided that the time to do this was now. (And there was to be no backing down!) So I got all my materials lined up, made sure to dry between all coats while making the decals, was exxxxxtra careful peeling it off the plastic, and then…… I forgot to give my base coat proper time to dry. HAHA. All that hard work! And when I went to place my decal the still-wet base coat I used made the whole thing into a goopy mess. 🙁 Arrrrghhhhh.

I mean, this wasn’t a total failure at least. The decal itself is really crisp and presentable, it’s just the weirdly deformed base coat you can see peeking through that messes the whole thing up. :/

Ah well. No one’s perfect at everything the first time they try, right? At least I know what I did wrong, and I know what to do differently next time. So keep your eyes open because there WILL be a Round 2 one day! (Hopefully sooner rather than later, and hopefully I’ll have better results to share with you!)

That’s all, short post so you don’t need to see more pictures of my failure. 🙂 If you want to give it a try for yourself this tutorial from Lucy’s Stash is the one I followed.

Thanks for visiting!! xx

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